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America: The Spirit of Absalom Rises in the Midst of You! — 5 Comments

  1. We surely do need to pray on this one.  I, for one, would like to see Trump come in again (he is the anointed one).  This Absalom coming in is a danger to us all.  Look what he did to David while David was supposed to be on the throne.  This is a wonderful picture that God has shown you, of the fact that one such as Absalom would be there.  I will certainly pray for this election.  Sue

  2. Yes, Pence seems to be discrediting President Trump by rallying for Brian Kemp in GA. Kemp is a traitor as is Pence.  May they both hang themselves

  3. Something to consider, Mark – Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin but the sceptre was given to Judah, the birthright to Joseph. Also, Samuel anointed David who was from Judah.

  4. I am sure this will cause some controversy especially given that there have been a few prophetic words indicating a Pence presidency. Of course none of that takes in to account the possibility of the human will. Did GOD anoint Saul just so he could fall or was there an option that Saul had the capability to rise up? We all make choices that affect that path we are on. So did Pence.

    • The prophets who prophesied a Pence presidency did not miss it. In fact, Veronika West was given last May that “Mike Pence was chosen, handpicked, not only to be a President/ King, but that he was also to be as a powerful prophetic sign of great recompense that would come to the Nation.” That may have been the original plan, and those words may have been given before Pence sinned. But then Pence sinned, and then also from last May, “the Anointing of God lifted off his life,” and then “a new Vessel … has been chosen, that will carry the Mantle and fulfill that Kingdom Mandate that Mike Pence was given. This individual will soon be revealed as the one that will serve for a season as second in command to President Trump.” We’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out, and pray.

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