A Powerful Word of God Given to Finland!


Watch!  He is coming as a consuming fire in these days…!

FinlandToday I received this from my very special friend, prophet and apostle of The LORD in Finland.

While ministering in the nation of Finland, God gave me an incredibly powerful Word over the land.

While over in Finland, I have never wept as much as I have wept over a nation.

A Spirit of Weeping came upon me as I stood in the gap for the nation.

I felt the tangible Fear of The LORD as I delivered this Word.  I felt the power of a consuming fire burning in my heart as I delivered the Word of The LORD over the people.

I felt the hot coal of His Glory touch my lips as I spoke forth the Word, even as I stood in that place I saw that God is coming like a consuming fire in these days over the nations, who will stand against His Fire, who will stand in his fiery presence and not be changed and transformed and radically reformed.

Watch!  For the consuming fires of His Glory and Power are coming to the nations in this hour.

God’s Word always comes with signs following.  Glory, glory, glory to the King of Heaven for what He is now doing in the nations.

Please read and stand with Finland in this hour of great awakening…!

A Vision for Finland

Prophet Veronika West, Helsinki September 1, 2018.

“There is a battle that is raging over Finland.  There is a battle raging over the destiny and birthright of Finland.”

And as I heard The LORD say that, an angel appeared to me.  He was dressed in a robe of rainbow colours.

I knew immediately in the Spirit that this was the Seven Spirit Angel, who is in the throne room of God.

Twice when I have encountered the angel, the angel has brought me the message of redemption and the message of repentance.

But I knew immediately the angel was bringing me the message of restoration and reformation.

As I looked at the angel, he lifted up scales.  As I looked, the scales began to shift.  And I heard The LORD say: “The nation of Finland is at the tipping point.”

And again I could see that there was a battle raging over Finland.  Suddenly the angel left me.

I began to pray in the Spirit, and a very powerful vision opened up before me.

God showed me the nation of Finland, the body of Christ in Finland.

I saw Helsinki, and I saw the hand of The LORD take hold of the nation. And I saw the hand of The LORD put the nation of Finland into a fire, into a forge.

I watched, and the hand of The LORD turned up the heat.  I heard The LORD say to me: “Finland will be known as a nation that has been forged in the fires of my Glory.”

Then the Hand of The LORD took the nation from the fire and looked and inspected it.

The He put it back into the fire.  And again, He turned up the furnace.  The LORD did this seven times.

Each time when He put the nation in the fire, He turned up the heat.  Seven times He put the nation in the fire, turned up the heat, took the nation out, brought it close to His face and inspected it carefully.

Each time He took the nation out of the fire, I saw Him take a hold of a hammer and He beat upon the burning nation.

On the seventh time He put the nation into the oil.  As the nation went into the oil, fire came up.  The hand of The LORD did that three times.

I said to The LORD: “What were You doing?”  He said: “I AM refashioning the nation.  I AM reforming the nation”

And I watched as God hammered the piece of metal that went into the furnace.  I watched as He fashioned a sword.  The LORD said: “I AM fashioning the nation of Finland as a mighty weapon of warfare.”

Last night when The LORD took me back to the vision, I asked what He was looking at.

He showed me that on the seventh time when he brought the sword that has been fashioned, He could see His reflection on the sword.

I heard The LORD say:  “The nation of Finland will not only carry a greater measure of My Glory, Power and Authority, but the nation of Finland will carry My Reflection.”

Then The LORD showed me more.  The LORD took this nation which now was a mighty and very shiny and sharp sword, and He pierced the darkness (with the sword).  He pierced the heart of the enemy.

The LORD said: “The next seven years I am doing divine work of restoration.  I AM doing a work of reformation and purification.

My Word will become a hammer, that will refashion the nation.  And the oil of My Spirit will come together with My Word.

The nation will go forth as a mighty weapon of warfare that will penetrate the heart of the enemy.

Because I AM doing a new thing in My Body.”

The LORD showed that many in the Body of Christ had become dull and blunt.  He showed me two things.

“Not only am I doing seven years of purification, but then will come seven-fold restoration.”

The LORD showed me that He is sending His apostles and prophets to Finland in this hour and season who will carry the message of purification that will carry the message of repentance.

And they will come with His Word that is like a hammer.  And the oil will flow as a river.

The LORD says: “Even now, as you listen to this word, I AM refashioning you.

I AM purifying you.  My Word is coming to hammer the hardness of your heart.  I AM taking the heart of stone and I AM giving you a heart of flesh.”

This was the vision God was showing me.

The next seven years God is doing new things in this nation.  But there will be many who are trying to resist what God is doing.

This work of purification is not going to feel comfortable.  But The LORD is going to do the work of breaking the pride of the nation.

Next morning The LORD said to me: “Pray for Finland.”

I prayed in the Spirit and I saw Bible in the room.  The LORD said to me: ”Pick up the Bible, My Word, the hammer.”

I took it and put it on my chest.  Immediately, a vision opened to me, and I saw Jesus weeping over the people in this land.

And The LORD said:  “I AM sending My weeping prophets and My weeping apostles in the land.”

And I fell to the floor, weeping over the condition of the Church of Finland.  And The LORD said: “Even now, I AM beginning to move upon the land and on My People.  And I AM going to move in a way that there will be many that rise up and began to weep for this nation.”

As I saw people weeping, and I saw Jesus was weeping over His Body in Finland.

I saw a great and clear river began to flow across the land.  I asked God: “What am I seeing?”  He said: “This is a river of tears.”

As I watched, the river began to form a highway across the land.  I asked: “What is the river now doing?  And I heard: “It is making a way for rivers of revival.”

“Tell Finland, tell My Church, that I have been knocking on the door of Finland for a long time.  Will you let me in?

I will not break the door down, but I AM waiting for My Church to respond.

I AM waiting for My Church to humble themselves, repent and realign themselves.

I AM waiting for My Church to let me come in.  If the Church will let me come in, My whirlwind will come into this nation.

Great revival will come in this nation.  Great restoration and new reformation will come.

But many of the leaders in Finland are stiff-necked.  They are more concerned of their own agendas.  They are not seeking My Face.  They are seeking to be famous.

Tell Finland, the time is short, because I have them in the valley of decision.  And even now there is a divine separation that is taking place in the nations of the world.

I have the nations on the threshing floor.  And My Seven Spirit Whirlwind is coming upon the threshing floor.

I AM separating the goats from the sheep.

But the choice is Finland`s.

Will it be goat-nation or sheep-nation?

Finland is My friend.  I AM weeping over the land.”

The picture attached here was in the biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, yesterday, one week after Veronika West got the vision in Helsinki.   A Sword in a hot furnace.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Powerful Word of God Given to Finland! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Veronika, a prophetess to the nations.
    I have been so touched and blessed by the powerful message to Finland that I’m just spending time reading it over again. I have also forwarded it to certain Finnish friends and family.
    I was thinking about reading it to those friends who dont understand English in order to get this important prophetic message to them.I have done simultenous interpretation earlier and also sometimes been an interpreter for Finnish people in medical situations. This time I had in mind just to speak it out in Finnish without writing it down, not anything official if you agree.
    I live in Tasmania Australia at the moment but keep in touch with Finnish Christian friends. We are a small group of Finnish believers here and we need to pray more fervently for Finland as well.
    In 2014 whilst in hospital I had a series of visions concerning Finland.
    Thank you for your ministry and may you be blessed abundantly.
    Sirpa McDonald.