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A Powerful Word of God Given to Finland! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Veronika, a prophetess to the nations.
    I have been so touched and blessed by the powerful message to Finland that I’m just spending time reading it over again. I have also forwarded it to certain Finnish friends and family.
    I was thinking about reading it to those friends who dont understand English in order to get this important prophetic message to them.I have done simultenous interpretation earlier and also sometimes been an interpreter for Finnish people in medical situations. This time I had in mind just to speak it out in Finnish without writing it down, not anything official if you agree.
    I live in Tasmania Australia at the moment but keep in touch with Finnish Christian friends. We are a small group of Finnish believers here and we need to pray more fervently for Finland as well.
    In 2014 whilst in hospital I had a series of visions concerning Finland.
    Thank you for your ministry and may you be blessed abundantly.
    Sirpa McDonald.

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