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A Prophecy for The Church, Everywhere — 9 Comments

  1. I receive this word. I am praying for my relatives and neighbors that the Lord would awaken and soften their hearts to receive this great and glorious visitation from our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Glory to you Oh God!!!

  2. Oh, how we have eagerly awaited Passover for Breakthrough as April has been so highlighted by many prophetic voice…
    Now it is here – and no Breakthrough so far.
    I for myself have been suffering since more than 40 years from chronic siusis infections with terrible, excritiation pain, which I have to endure as you cannot take antibiotics constantly in such a case.
    Leading into the Easter week I have been hit again with pain for 4 days and nights that made me cry out aloud to God…No help, no relief…Since March we did a fast from meat and this week was even more restricted.
    I am still struggling, sitting in bed most times, suffering from dry nostrils while no cream seems to help this time.
    I have similar feelings and thoughts like Job and Jeremiah (Lamentations)…Waiting for Pentecost now?…..
    Resurrection Day would be perfect to bring back to life the dead bones….
    Especially here in Germany. We have been at the front since more than 40 years now, hoping and waiting and praying and trusting without seeing visions or having many dreams…

    • This is Easter Sunday, the day that God raised Jesus from the dead after paying the price for everyone’s sin and sicknesses.  If you are waiting for God to heal you, you need to understand and believe in your heart that He has already done it.  1st Peter Chapter 2 Verse 24 says “by his stripes you were healed.” That’s past tense.  That means that God through his son, Jesus has already healed you.  That’s why Jesus said from the cross, It is Finished or really he said that The price has been paid in full.  So you don’t need to ask God to heal you.  You need to believe in your heart that He has already healed you and thank Him for healing you.  Confess with your mouth and believe it in your heart.  God loves you and has paid for your healing.  You just need to receive it.  I have seen God heal thousands over the last 35 years that I and others have prayed for.  Just like you did for your salvation.

  3. Could it be time for the transformation from our earthly bodies to our heavenly bodies here in earth as it is in heaven, Christ in us the hope of glory. Those who live and breathe to obey the Lord and love Him with all of our hearts, chosen for such a time as this to help to bring in the great endtime harvest of souls. Our Lord Jesus said He is going to do something in our day that we would not believe it even if we were told. All the glory to Him alone as we will shine with His light for the whole world to see. Amen

  4. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Minister Chris Bennett!
    I receive this word and message, as I feel that will performing something marvelous on the day of Pentecost, hallelujah Jesus! I can feel it, actually I’ve been feeling a stirring up within my spirit, in the Holy Spirit, my dreams in which the Lord God, has allowed me to dream, are powerful indicators of Him, getting ready to perform beyond our imagination.

    Thank you, for being obedient to the Lord God, for sharing this post. God bless you, love you brother, with the love of Jesus Christ! May the Lord bless you, abundantly!❤️️

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