A Prophet Is the Mouthpiece of God!

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Leaders, We Have to Do Better!

One of the most tragic things I have witnessed, is when I see somebody out of order and instead of their leader correcting them, they encourage them in their state of rebellion and error, because they need the gift which that person operates in.

When leadership can see a person’s bad spirit and nasty attitude and doesn’t bring the necessary discipline, they have just stopped being a leader and become a compromising wimp!

There are far too many persons who are operating in the Body of Christ in spiritual insanity!  They are doing whatever they want, because they know their leaders don’t have the backbone it takes to correct them.

The leadership is walking in fear of setting people in order, because these people hold key positions in church, or they give large sums of money.

We have undisciplined, unholy, all in the flesh persons preaching, laying hands, working the altar, playing keyboards, doing praise and worship, looking over the finances, leading prayer, all because leaders are dependent upon their gifts, to be able to operate the ministry.

These persons are disrespectful, unruly, prideful and full of errors, but are not fearful of operating in sin and iniquity because their leader has given them the impression that they can live this way, and God is okay with their lifestyle, and the glory of God rests upon them.

We as leaders are held accountable for these souls if they die in their sins.  Their blood is upon us, because we didn’t warn them or correct them when we knew that they were not living right.

Leaders, it’s time to sit people down until they get their lifestyle together.  Practicing sinners shouldn’t be allowed to be loosed upon the Body of Christ and endorsed by leaders in their unrighteousness.  We should love them enough to tell them the absolute truth rather than pacifying them in their unrighteous behavior because they have gifts that are great!

Leaders we have to do better!

Be Careful Whom You Support!

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t need to pay anybody a monthly fee to be able to talk to you on a monthly basic.

We have seed sowing levels in ministry.  It depends on how much you give whether you are gold, silver, platinum prayer partners!

We ask for a payment for people to keep their license every month.  We are asking for certain amounts for ordaining and affirming – it depends on your title and seed.

We are asking people to pay car notes, buy houses, get airplanes, buy clothes, feed us and all our grown children.  We are draining people dry, then discarding them once there is no more to take from then.  And the people are so desperate to be seen and associated with what they consider “the big time preachers,” until we are sowing into fornication, perversion, helping people to take care of their lovers schemes, witchcraft and all manner of evil, because of people’s names.

Now this may just be me, but I refuse to endorse, approve, sow into anyone’s life or ministry that I know is willingly practicing sin.

I don’t care who they are, what gift they operate in.  They can preach until the walls shake, prophesy until the people fall out.  If they are not holy, righteous, walking in integrity with character and upright, nothing they do will cause me to connect and come into agreement with them.

I don’t run after people.  I certainly don’t and never have run after prophets, or in a word, I’m not part of cliques and these money making fellowships.  I certainly won’t be entangled with shady characters who are manipulating people out their money.

People hear me good!  There are leaders of integrity who are walking and living the word, who won’t bow to compromise and who refuse to stand in agreement with unrighteousness, but will walk alone if needed and be an outcast, before they sell their soul to be a part of anything that will be displeasing to God!

The BACKBONE WARRIORS ARE HERE and they are saying, keep your papers endorsements and approvals, because they don’t need anybody operating contrary to the will and ways of God endorsing them!

A Prophet Is the Mouthpiece of God!

A Prophet is more than a person who gives personal Words.  If you didn’t know, now you do!

Don’t mistake everyone who can give a Word of knowledge as a Prophet.  Psychics, soothsayers, tarot card readers, palm readers etc., can do that, especially if you give them the right amount of money.

But a Prophet is the mouthpiece of God.  They speak the mind of God into the earthly realm.  They will speak mostly corporately, to a people or nation as a whole.

They speak to leaders who govern a country or nation, the directions God is calling that country or nation to go in.

They will speak concerning the things that are getting ready to happen in the earth and will give instructions concerning it.

They will speak to those who are called to leadership, concerning their behavior, so that they will remain in a righteous place, so they won’t lead the people into rebellion, disobedience, or idol worship.

They speak to the people concerning their walk with The LORD and will send warning to them before God judges them.

A Prophet is called to impact and empower leaders and nations to walk in the will and ways of God.  They are more than a person who talks about houses, cars and money.

As you look at the word of God, there were prophets assigned to certain nations and certain regions and certain people groups.  When the leader didn’t understand something, or was in a place were they couldn’t hear from God, either they would send for the prophet or send someone looking for the prophet, to either come and give a Word from The LORD, or to send a Word from The LORD to them.

Leaders were concerned about the people as a whole, about their community, their region.  They wanted to hear what The LORD had to say and what they needed to do to stay in the favor of God.

Again I say, a prophet is more than just someone who gives a word of knowledge!  They don’t operate and function from just their gifts, but they are moved by the Holy Ghost to speak what thus saith The LORD!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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