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A Season of Unprecedented Growth — 2 Comments

  1. Confirmation to me. I decree my seeds planted will be uprooted and spring forth in a suddenly, for this is my jubliee set time of Favor, Favor, Favor, I will give birth to my destiny in which I have carried, for so long, it is God’s set time, a moment of his greatness, the fulfillment of all in this 50th year of Jubliee, will manifest into my life as I am speaking. These Words spoken by the Father, through you Veronika West, Is for what I been praying for in this year 2016 to come to pass, Glory, Glory, Glory.

  2. Yes, Lord, Glory, Glory, Awesome Word, Thank you Father God, this day. Good News
    I receive it in Jesus name, Blessings, thanks for sharing Veronika, West, WOW!

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