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A Serious Warning and Call to Prayer! — 4 Comments

  1. During the fall Jewish Holidays I went to Father as Esther for the children in America.  I wanted to write a children’s book with a Prayer of Protection.  Please pray God’s Will to be done.  Should be in print in six months.  GBU

  2. This is VERY serious. I see everywhere that they now do not hide their evil intentions any more. “They” are many, they are evil and insane, they need help. They need JESUS. As you write: Witchcraft, sacrifices of animals and people, and most of religious Christianity think, there is no danger at all. Yes, we must pray. And we must warn people. You did warn, and I did warn. Those who know about these attacks, are under attacks. But the good news: OUR GOD IS STRONGER. OUR GOD IS HOLY. AND HE WATCHES OVER HIS CHILDREN. Many lost everything and even their lives since Jesus first time appeared. When He returns, all the terror, all the lies, all the robbery, all the unrighteousness and all the murder will be over. So we pray and cry out to Him: COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

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