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  1. Please bring my son’s before the court of heaven.Been praying for them for many years.5 son’s non of them married .Salvation and recommitment to the Father extended family members.
    God take me deeper and closer every obstacle that manifests at the point of breakthrough be destroyed in Jesus name.

  2. Dear Veronika,

    Having just read and commented your latest post of today (“Revelation Demands a Response”, Aug. 4th 2021), it seemed good to me to leave here below my commentary thereof, for it is most relevant regarding also this other word of yours.

    Blessings in the name of the Lord for all those comprising the body of the Christ.

    Here is my aforementioned comment:

    “Paying heed to your sober and prudent words in this post, please let me tell you and all those who may read this words of mine –as I already told both President Trump and Archbishop Viganò in two open letters addressed to them– that there is absolutely no way out of the present dire situation without first repenting before the Lord for not having learned His due procedures of justice and justification during so many centuries. That is why on last June I published at my site a “Call to God’s people in the days of the Great Reset”, which I now submit to you all as a matter for praying and discerning.”


  3. Please pray for a business breakthrough or blueprint for me , I am waiting patiently to start a kingdom venture to help the Lord’s kingdom. Pray for my marriage as well I need to settle down with a God appointed partner.

  4. Im not always allow in to this site would get blocked sometimes for weeks. That’s why this is a late request. Thank you

  5. Please pray for my husband (health issuses that we’ve never been given a reason for) a job and our beauitful daughter. Have been believing for a breakthrough. Have lost alot of people close family members and friends. Found the last two years really hard.
    Know that God is in control. Thank you for praying for us.

  6. Please pray for my son who is battling a severe mental disorder, ocd, & health issues, daughter needs to be closer to the Lord, husband deliverance from addictions, & me – health issues. Also, that we would all fulfill God’s plan for our lives.

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