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  1. Dear Mary, this was a powerful message and an almost word for word description of where my wife and I are right now.
    We live in Australia and I have been in the ministry for 55 years now. We are about to embark on a brand new and exciting venture, living out of suitcases, packing to move into a new location and start the ministry that the Lord spoke about to me more than 25 years ago. Only last night the Lord spoke to us on precisely the same things. He has given me visions of open doors etcetera and reminded us of His word to us. I have visited heaven several times and the Lord has been telling us that we shall very soon be going home permanently. We are living in exciting days indeed. Thank you both for being tuned in and willing to share truth.
    Pastor Robert Carter. Bashan Ministries

    • Dear Robert. THANK YOU for taking time to write and for sharing your heart and current experiences. My husband and I are also aware of the adjustments and changes that are and will be taking place. We know that something different is occurring and we want to obey Him, no matter what the cost. Not easy words to say! If you would pray for us to have clear direction, clear confirmation and the provision that would go with all of those details, I would so appreciate it!! We had been tending to my husbands’s 93 and 95 year old parents needs for three year during Lockdowns etc. Both are now in heaven, but it was a financial and emotional season of care and often conflict with needs and our ability to assist. God absolutely sees all and knows all. Many are in a place of great downsizing in order to be thrust out into the world to live simpler lives and to focus on intercession and discipling others. May the strength and peace of God overshadow you and your wife as you move forward in loving obedience to the Call of God.

      • Dear Mary, In the space available, I was not able to share everything. There is much more yet and I do not want to go public, but please feel free to contact us is you wish. We agreed together in prayer immediately and shall continue to do so. It is good to reach out across the miles as family knowing that there is no distance in the spirit. Again, you do not know (yet) how identical your words were to what the Lord is showing us and leading us into. I did not tell you before that I am Jewish by natural birth but was raised in a historic church. I met the Lord on September 1st 1968 at 7:30 PM, just like Paul met Him and our history redirection is akin to that of John the Baptist. My ministry motto is preparing the way… Let’s keep in touch. Robert

  2. Oh Mary! I loved this: Get through whatever you’re going through and you’ll be a tremendous assistance to others who are going through the very same thing!” Oh my goodness, this really hit me this morning. Every line, every thought is a KEEPER!” Are you living in the years yet to come and looking back to the now seeing how you overcame the situation by the Word of God? That is how you live now “… in the history of your future! Such a beautiful picture of HOW the LORD desires us to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mary. You are His treasured vessel of honor. Love and grace, Sandi

    • Oh Dear Sandi! Your kind words are a gift and so timely. I won’t go into detail, but it’s been a hard few months. I’m dealing with a resistant Ecoli strain in my bladder and I’m saturating myself in healing scriptures to draw upon and trust the Lord to drive this bacteria out. My confidence in doctors is not high at all right now after tests and exams and ultrasounds all being great, yet the resistance of this bacteria is strong. I’m truly like a wee babe, laying in the arms of the Father , trusting in His care and power to heal and deliver. Meanwhile, I’m starting a new fulll time job as an office manager and coordinator for a Christian Chiropractor in order to meet the rising costs of living. Ministry of course continues and intercession is paramount! Only with HIS strength will I be able to do all of this! But…. If He opened the doors, he knew I’d need help!!
      Please continue to speak boldly about all God is showing you Sandi! We must speak what We see and hear, no matter what the cost may be.

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