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A Time of Prosperity and Joy for The Believer — 3 Comments

  1. I am a pastor in Australia. My wife and I are amazed at what you shared as it describes exactly everything we are doing here we have seen and are literally starting to do.
    Decades ago I created Bashan Ministries based on the ministry of John the Baptist with the motto of preparing the way.
    We are already packed & ready to move, already looking at real estate for our first green spot and ministry training centre, providing real assistance and support physically & spiritually.
    We want to come to America and to the UK to do likewise.
    Much of this is already on my old website bashanministries.org soon to be replaced to reflect this new era.
    Most of this will not be in churches.
    As for those arrows, I have seen and preached on the kind of thing you shared and “The changing of the guard” is the central theme. It is based on the transition from Elijah to Elisha…and to others.
    It is Sunday 12 November and I just started a new theme of teachings on your topic. the Lord woke me at 4am yesterday and reminded me of those visions, some dating back to the 1970 era. The main vision described in fine detail what has been happening in preparation for what is coming just as you said.

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