A Word for God’s Children — 1 Comment

  1. Let us pray dear sister. Dear Heavenly Father we come before you seeking your face, agreeing that your Son Jesus, through his sacrifice on the Cross has become our source and light. Cleanse our feet O Lord Jesus and remove the dirt of this world, refresh us with your passion and love! You are our exceedingly great reward and your love is better than wine! Let your presence and the awareness of your presence grow richly in my spirit and soul My King, fill us with all you desire My Lord. We desire to praise you in your presence and be gently led from the snares of the enemy to rejoicing in your amazing before you! We desire to glorify your name in this world my reflecting your marvelous light so all may know we are a people prospered by the Lord! To you dear Jesus be the glory. In you we trust O a Lord to order our steps, to prompt our speech, to govern our thoughts, to control our mind! Capture us with the glory of your presence and let your word richly dwell within us. Let us recieve your wisdom and your guidance for we depend on you to make our ways straight. In our weaknesses let your abundant supply be seen to all the world! Let them know it isn’t by our own hand that we have overcome our troubles but by your mighty spirit!!! Let us be strong in you so in our weakness your power be made perfect!!!

    Glory to my Living Savior, Jesus Christ the Alpha and Omega, the First and The Last, The Author and Finisher of My Faith ! From my Life let you alone recieve the Glory ! You and you alone are worthy of eternal praise! Amen!!!

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