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A Word of The LORD for Australia — 13 Comments

  1. Hello Gerttings to all .

    May The Love Grace of The Lord Jesus Christ!

    It is 6 months away before what was Spoken by Lord spoke however due to the lockdowns put back in place it will be become 2 nantions one for and they other will be in a mixed belife system.

    The Rapture is emanet as we speak do not look at the perfect storm but to Me Says The Christ Jesus be Bleesed and stay calm fix your eyes on me Says The Lord Jesus Christ Amen!

  2. I come from Tasmania..
    I think when the Lord speaks to His people as He is right now .It can be a bitter pill to swallow, When the Lord shows us that his people have been complacent in prayer for so long, We are neither Hot nor Cold, we are Luke warm, and the Lord is spewing us out of his mouth .Praise the Lord He has told us to buy Gold tried in fire. This is not
    going to be pleasant .I pray that we here in Tasmania will see our need and repent and buy gold tried in Fire..that we may begin to be a blessing on many, hold back darkness.and bring many to salvation…
    l will be unemployed soon as l am not getting the vaccine.
    My work place has made it mandatory no jab no job..31st Oct.

  3. We have just had the first of the big earthquakes, 2 days ago. It was felt from Melbourne to Sydney and in Tasmania!!
    Pray for the church to see this as a harvest opportunity and not give in to fear!
    The Lord has laud upon my heart a movement of ‘Faith NOT fear’ from the church into the community.

  4. 1973 The Lord showed me this deverstation of fire in Australia there was also a terrible eRthquake.
    I was grieving at the time about the way man was taking control of the cariscamatic movement and I felt the Lord said He would blow on it but one day the glory would be greater than the former.God has given man a free will and His people are bound by other God’s. I FELT the Lord said first deverstation will come we have sent God out of schools and our society and invitedsatan to take over But God will use this to set people free from the chains that they were tied with.Turn it off I said but the next day I asked Him when this will happen. HE ANSWERED ME.  WHEN THEY KILL THE UNBORN CHILD.  I was confused as abortion wasn’t legal then and asked many ministries what it could mean but they thought I was crazy
    This is a battle in the heavenly I havr dreaded it since we passed the bill to kill babies

  5. THANK YOU.. you confirmed what the Holy Spirit has told me about Australia. 
    It IS OUR SINS and the laws of Abortion, Gay marriage, teaching transgender lifestyle to our innocent children, Euthanasia and more that has caused these fires in Australia…
    Israel Folau was correct 100%.  OUR SINS are causing this devastation not “Climate change” which is just a cover for bringing in NWO.

    • AMEN AMEN I spiritually wholeheartedly agree with u Carole and Sis Veronica☝☝☝Perilous Time folks refuse refuse 2 listen 2God refuse HIS warnings HIS pleadings. These signs yes yes are heading toward New World ORDER. OMGOODNESS…it is b4 US.
      Come ON…WE are in another decade

    • Dear Veronika, we live 1km from the ocean in Safety Bay in Western Australia. This word you gave said one side shall burn, *which is the Eastern States, and it is* and one side earthquake, the country split in 2.  Should we get to higher ground?  we have a major fault line in the Stirling ranges which are few kilometers above Perth *which is lowland*.  Will there be a tsunami?  We need to know if we need to get out, past the Stirling ranges to higher ground. We have prayed over it and heard nothing.. blessings

  6. Praise God I was reading of molech and baal worship in the word last week and knew was for australia.praise God for this word.Amen

  7. What does it look like to “humble yourself”?
    I don’t know is it a physical thing like ashes/sackcloth, mental?
    Is it not eating? Is it spiritual- weeping?
    Thank you.
    I think I am hearing God in what you say, Veronika. My church does not teach about the prophetic. Please help me become wiser.

    • Hi Sharon.
      I think it can be both physical and spiritual.
      – humble is an attitude. The best way to understand humble is to think of what it is not. Proud arrogant entitled brash pushy… Etc are not humble.
      – it is also physical. Derick prince ministries has a whole series on YouTube about humble you you may like to view. Or I could just tell you in a nutshell what he said. ” In the Bible there were many ways the Israelites humbled them selves. Ashes and sack cloth tearing clothes… For sure but the main way the biblical era israelites used to show humble was fasting. The physical a stance from food for a time. ”

      Now which comes first the physical or the attitude. Well actually it is both. The attitude of humble produces the actions of humility. But alternatively as we quiet ourselves with God and confess our sins do the actions like fasting our attitude will change.

      Thats my thoughts hope it helps

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