A Word of the LORD for Nice, France


I saw God’s Governmental hand of Justice –  Vindication and Victory coming as a Whirlwind of fury that moved swiftly across the Nation of France in this hour.

I Heard the Spirit say, “France, this is the hour of divine visitation and a Glory invasion.

Watch as My Governmental hand of Justice.  Vindication and Victory moves across the land.  For Behold, the whirlwind goes forth in fury over France, even a grievous whirlwind and it shall fall grievously upon the heads of the wicked.

My Righteous Anger will be poured on those that have opposed My Will, My Wisdom and My Warriors in this season.

For I AM shaking and Awakening the Sons and Daughters of this Nation to their true Identity, Kingdom Authority and Kingdom Destiny in this hour,”  says God.

“France Fear Not!  In your darkest hour, the light and power of My Glory and Goodness will shine, shift and lift the atmosphere of destruction and division.  

The power of My word and truth shall prevail forging a highway for the Rivers of Revival and Restoration to come.”

I hear the sound of a mighty Wind coming from the North, South, East and West.

I hear the sound of dry bones rattling over the nation of France!

The Spirit says, “France Get Ready!  For the Breath of New Life and Resurrection Power now blows across the land.

France, Get Ready – for the Waters are Rising.

France, Get Ready – for the Mighty Breaker comes to break the back of the serpent spirit that has had dominion over the land.

France!   Lift up your head and see for your salvation comes from the hills.

France!   The eyes of Lord are upon you.  His heart is turned towards you.  His hand now moves to Deliver you.  For out of the ash heap of death and calamity will rise a mighty remnant of Radical Reformers and Reclaimers that will take back the ground that has been lost and stolen.

France!   Listen, the sound of new life shall come forth from the valley of darkness, degradation and dry bones as the Servant Kings of the Most High Arise in greater power and Kingdom Authority in this hour.

God says, “I AM NOW revealing a new Church and a new Body of Mighty Overcomer’s in the Nation of France in this hour.

What was first shall be last and what was last shall be first.

Watch!  I have saved the best for last for the Nation of France.

France, those who know and Hear My voice, will listen and heed My instruction.  The Just live by Faith and not in Fear.

France,  it is time to Raise up your shield of faith and lift up your hands with the Sword of the Spirit, for there is a Battle raging for the Destiny of this Nation.

France, prepare for war!  For It will be a war of Truth, for Life and Liberty.

Clothe yourselves in sackcloth and Return, Return, Return to your First Love, FRANCE!

As Cry out to Me, I shall Save and Heal your land,” says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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