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A Word on Feeling Emaciated & Weak — 4 Comments

  1. I so needed this, this was confirmation for me in SO MANY WAYS and broke something in the Spirit for me (I’m weeping).  I was feeling like I had failed and some Intercessors had just prayed over me all this and LOVE that we would know and feel his Love.  Had Jezebel Spirits(s) bind me up and tell me NOT to write and or deliver a message; have to obey God Acts 5:29 otherwise Ezekiel 2:all.  Before read this; set so many things aside and just Worship and Word and Resting and PRAYING. Thank you! So Grateful/Thankful for you; just continue to be obedient.
    Friend and I were just talking about Salvations also and what’s coming; we know this really well=TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

  2. Sadly many people have given up because God has chosen to allow the enemy to advance. When a man or a woman has been defeated, it doesn’t matter what comes next. The damage has already been done and regardless of what tomorrow holds, many will not be able to continue. The enemy has destroyed much and God chose to allow it.

    • This comment sounds more than hopeless. Yes, devil and his helpers are able to bring down reputations and to hinder good destinies. BUT GOD… WITH THE LORD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE. This is the Word of GOD.

      • Nothing is impossible for God, that is absolute truth; however, God does what He wants when He wants with little care of mans feelings. You can believe in something until your last breath, and it still will not happen. Only God can resecue mankind, and He is in no hurry.

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