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  1. Hello Sherry,

    About six years ago I read and spared the vision below. I think it is an extreme well description of the end time harvest and the separation between those who belongs to and those who do not belong to the Lord. I have also have, during the years received revelation understanding which is in agreement with this separation procedure.
    I also think this is a confirmation of what you say and what many in the Body of Christ now experiences, because as the Lord says as a parable in Luke 17:35 “two women shall be grinding at the same place (dwell in the body of Christ) together, the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left”

    Many believers think that the separation between the sheep and goats is something that will be in the future, but it is an ongoing process! the Lord says it shall be as in the day of Noah which means that the disobedient will not be aware of that they are separated from God

    “and they did not know till the flood came and took all away Matt. 24:39

    the vision:
    “…Then I saw seven men come and pick up the bundles and carry them to a hill, the top of the hill was a large rock floor and it was surrounded by cloth walls like tent walls, like the wall that surrounded the tabernacle that Moses had built according to God’s design. I knew that they were taking the wheat to the threshing floor, as they stacked the bundles of wheat outside of the walls of the threshing floor, I heard the bundles begin to speak to me. And they were saying, “We are wheat!, we are wheat!” Then the Lord spoke to me and He said, “This is not wheat.” Then I said to the Lord, “But Lord, it looks like wheat to me.”


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