Align With the Will of God!


If what you do is inspired by only what you see, then you will be soon hijacked, discouraged and deceived.

Here is why, the natural can often be altered and manipulated with the intention to change your decisions.

The attack on your decision is not where it ends, but the aim and strategy is to try to change the will of God concerning your life.

This is why as a man or woman of God you must be focus, determined and aligned with the Will of God.

As a man or a woman of God, you must be seated with Christ in heavenly places to operate from the third heaven.

The third heaven is the highest dimension.  It is the holiest of holies.  It is where the LORD and His angels dwell.

It is where you have divine access to the Mind of Christ, visions, dreams, revelations and insight.

The second heaven is controlled by the devil.  This is where astrology, witches and warlocks operate from.

From this dimension not a lot can be known or done, because of the limited power and knowledge.

Not going off on a tangent here, but I will say this, if you are not walking in your authority, this is where you will experience battle over your mind.

If your mind is not aligned with the mind of Christ, your mind can come under attack.

The lack of knowledge the enemy has concerning the things of God is where the need for manipulation comes in.

Because what the enemy often wishes to achieve or get done goes against spiritual law, manipulation is often used as a tactic to fight you in order to take from you what really belongs to you.

This is why at times your blessings get held up because there is a war in the “heavenlies” over your blessings.

You may time after time experience warfare, witchcraft attacks because the intention is to try to slow you down, set you back or get you distracted and out of alignment.

As men and women of God we must be warriors in order to stand against the enemy.  We cannot be punks and stand against the enemy.

It is imperative that we be obedient and aligned with the will of God no matter what.

When you are standing in alignment with God and in your authority the enemy may rage war against you but he can never win against you.

If you are a man or woman of God easily swayed and not focused you can fall prey to manipulation being used by the enemy.

Here is something you should know; astrologers, witches, warlocks and soothsayers are illegal in the spirit.

To gain access to the spiritual realm they have to tap into unnatural sources which are from the devil.  Oh yes, did I say Satan is a counterfeit?

This is where you will find counterfeit authorities . It looks genuine but it is not.  Because the enemy operates from the dark world their view, perspective is tainted.

Understand the enemy is the master creator of deception and lies.  What makes you think he will tell you the truth or do what is good?

Satan wanted to take over heaven and be God, but because he got kicked out of heaven he comes down to earth, have made himself a god and have built his own kingdom.

If someone claiming to “prophesy” to you or reveal information to you by way of astrology it is contaminated.

It is not of God.  God is pure, holy and righteous.  God is order and not out of order.

If something is said to you and it only causes more problems, confusion and frustration it is not of God.

This is why the Word of God tells us to test the spirit by the Spirit.  If you are a man or woman of God filled you will know by the spirit where it is coming from, it is called discerning of spirits.

In the Book of Revelation 4:1, John was called to come up higher because what God wanted to show to Him could not be revealed on the level he was on.

Men and women of God, in order to stand and win against the enemy we must but be willing to go higher.

You cannot win from the level you are on and the limited knowledge you have.

To those who have gone higher and are still seeking continue to because you will win against the enemy.


~ Shelly-Ann Powell

Shell-Ann PowellShelly-Ann Powell is a woman after God’s heart, founder and director of the Impact Nations For Christ organization whose mission is to empower, strengthen and point humanity to the Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Amen!  We are forever growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus!  From Glory to Glory!