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Alternative Facts — Lies, or the Truth? — 4 Comments

  1. Thoreau didn’t live that self reliantly. He lived on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s property and one of his family members delivered his lunch to him daily. He also used to take his laundry to his parents house to be cleaned and he lived a short traveling distance, a mile, into town. He’d go to town often for events and parties.  Just a FYI with no malice intended.

  2. The only prophecy that will fail is “false prophecy” – that is to say all prophetic words that is not rooted in Spirit and Truth. Period.

    • I’m not referring to prophecy here necessarily, but supposed messages of all kinds that proclaim fact, when in actuality they are false.

      • Appreciate the exchange sir. As you may know, the philosophical thought of Thoreau, a great American philosopher, emphasizes the value of a life lived w/purpose, individuality, simplicity, connected w/beauty of nature, which is all good, but basically it believes in the inherent goodness within ourselves. In Christianity the worldview is both transcendent and immanent. Meaning God is sovereign sustains creation and personal with His creation (mankind). Jer. 17:9, Isa. 53:6 Rom. 7:14. Psm. 51:5 Rom. 5:12 – Hope this brings insight in the dichotomy of the beliefs. God bless you!

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