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Always on the Outside, Looking In? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Deborah :)
    This Word really hit home with me. I used to look much different than I do now. I experienced the Lord almost 7 years ago when He began stripping me of everything worldly…and I mean EVERYTHING!! Makeup went, expensive hairdos went, wardrobe went, size 2 went, and the whole world changed its attitude toward me. Not to say that for others these things are bad necessarily, but for me they were gods, so they had to go. The daily criticism and persecution, the cruelty of this world suddenly became a very real thing for me.
    But my Rewarder has become my Reward!!
    This life is a drop in the Eternal Ocean.  A moment of cheap pleasure and the “look at me” mindset just isn’t worth it anymore…Thank You Lord!!!
    God bless you Deborah :)

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