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America: A New Reformation Movement — 4 Comments

  1. Did anyone see the news this morning?  The huge Christmas tree that was brought in to Rockefeller Square/ New York had an owl hiding hiding in it.  The tree looked holey and ragged too.  I don’t think it was an accidient!  God is speaking!

  2. YES! IT is The Lord’s Doing and IT is Marvelous in His Eyes! The Great Awakening Hour is upon us. Thank You Lord for the Much Needed Shaking & Shifting that is also Taking Place For Such a Time as THIS! Your Timing is Always Perfect. Thank You Lord for giving us eyes to see & ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the CHURCH! The Transformation and Reformation will reflect what You have ordained on Earth as IT is in Heaven, as The Kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdom of GOD and HIS CHRIST! ☝

  3. I Praise God for your prophetic voice! It always comes at a time in my walk with God that I need a word from God! Thank you for your commitment to your walk with God and for hearing His voice and relaying His message to His children!

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