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America: Coronavirus Prophetic Warnings — 18 Comments

  1. It is all in the bible see http://www.thenewsong.org God controls everything and Jesus prophesied this shortly before His is death This will cause an economic crash ans start tribulation and lead to millions being saved Matthew 24: 1-51 Jesus is available now to those who seek Him.  pray not for protection but submit to God’s will in your life surrender to Jesus.

    • Wow ! All that is considered,So but tell me how is haggai chapter2,tells about something else! Read and answer the question please! U wanna believe ‘man”s words and not the bible?!

  2. I had a dream I don’t remember exactly when. But it was about one year ago or two. All I remember is like I was warned of corona cars on the road…as if I was to get into an accident with a corona car. Since that time, whenever I have seen corona cars infront or behind me on the roads in Kampala, I have had to always drive extra careful to ensure the dream I had does not come to pass. As the news of coronavirus reached alarming rates early this year, I remembered the corona dream. I really have no doubt there is something more than meets the eye about this coronavirus. How I hope Christ is about to return to bring order and justice to this world.

  3. The name.of the virus is Covid-19, try going to Google translate, put covid, and translate it to Hebrew. You’re welcome. Also Google bill gates patent corona virus. Then look up event 201. All the signs are here. I’m China, they’ve already started burning all paper currency. The other day WHO announced officially that paper currency could be a carrier. Then it briefly mentions a “digital currency” could be a near future alternative. Be prepared for microchipping once they come for the money.

  4. so, what do you think about kobe’s death has to do with the end times? i am just curious about what your thoughts are.  i hope he is a believer.  yea, i see all those diseases are really popping everywhere.  i don’t want to go out and touch lot the doors- you never know what is sitting there waiting for you.  lol.

  5. Not even the time to ask,”What this world is coming to, as Ive heard many ask, but if they’d look around Tthey would surely come to know because its just not at one time or one day but it’s on and on. Instead, the question should be, “What must I do to be saved?” THAT…is what time it is. And get Delivered and Saved for real.

  6. I AGREE with Sis Mena messages
    We need to much closer to the LORD NOW evermore definitely.☝☝☝
    The enemy will clutter distractions unexpected occurrences. Heartbreaking news with the death of Kobe, his daughter and lose lives along with.him and TRUMP.impeachment trials. There’s more in line awaits. GOD have MERCY!

    We had seen reoccurring as in the days in Egypt the PLAGUES during Moses and Pharaoh.
    In Australia in 2019- Red smoke in the skies and fire and in Kenya-Parts in Africa …PLAGUES of Locust has spread. READ the REPORT!! THIS IS HAPPENING IN 2020!

    First we have AIDS/HIV epidemic in 1976 (Congo) enter the US in 1981-1982
    Next the Influenza flu virus in 1918-1920 and 1950s era.
    Another Anthrax virus with SARS
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was first discovered in Asia in February 2003 according to CDC. And SARS/coronavirus in 2002-2005 in Hong Kong and China.
    Cholera virus in 2008-2009 Next, Ebola virus disease, Zika virus and NOW again in 2019-2020 Corona Viruses in China and now various spread in the U.K. and US.


  7. The Prophets of old were killed because they didn’t come with a positive message, they came with a warning that God’s judgment was coming and they didn’t want to hear it. But really it was a positive message they just took it the wrong way because they were corrupt. If you ask my child was that whipping positive or negative they would say negative. But God’s Word say the rod correction will drive their souls far from Hell

  8. Amen.  End times, Jesus warned us, the prophets in the bible warned us. Folks wake up, it’s not climate change, it’s birthing pains.  These things have to happen before Christ returns.  We were told earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars,pestilence,plagues,famines would come upon the earth. You’ve had Ebola now you’ve got this coronavirus, what’s it going to take for you to realise his return is imminent, if your not ready then you need to get ready.

    • A YouTuber by the name of TRUreporting put up a video on Sunday that explains and shows evidence of something that you just can’t comprehend. I know you can’t believe everything you read or see but after reading Mena’s comment I will post a great source as to why she feels the way she does about Kobe

      • Praise GOD! Thank you Mena I said the same thing when I 1st heard the KOBE news. My kids thought come on dad stop. But you cant stop the Holy Spirit!!!! Bless you MENA! Fearless in the face of ungodliness
        Buckle up men and brethren the earth will fracture to wake man and get his attention. All this anxiety and growing hatred w antisemitism and evil expanding is a MAN who is behind the scenes gaining power like a super nova of lies and false light
        Here is your anti christ! Wont be long now!
        Whatever you do, don’t let him Mark you!

    • It was a helicopter crash; not a sacrifice; let’s not add injury to hurt please!  Let the people and family grieve without sensationalizing it!  Thank You In Jesus’s Name!

      • Oh we can grieve all we want but we shouldn’t do it with our heads in the sand. We need to wake up to the truth there are demon inhabited men that have and will till JESUS returns control everything
        Even who dies. Dont be so short sighted that you think THE ELITE 1%ERS wouldn’t resort to crashing a helicopter as a smoke screen to what is really going on behind the scenes.

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