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America: God to Sever the Strings of Soros, the Puppet Master! — 4 Comments

  1. i decree the spirit of truth is moving to reveal and expose and overturn the works of wickedness and corruption in the nation of America. there is no place for these ills. the time is now.

  2. You have confirmed much of what I’ve dimly seen the past few years, esp. that Soros is a puppet master.  Things are about to change a lot–for the good.

    Thanks, Steve

  3. VERY MUCH ACCURATE Your statements VISION.
    SOROS must vanish now, but he has 6 very sharp sharks. 
    Assets been frozen by Malcolm Turnbull.
    Tony Abbott it’s taking case events. All in GOOD hands.
    Venezuela – Cuba – Bolivia are nations whom Soros almost bought them in today’s world circumstances, not counting 9 nations in Africa continent.
    CND PM may be part of Soros works in various fields. (not yet fully confirmed – (MI5 + 7 others working several fronts)

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