America: It’s NOT About The Man!


I am presently flying home from Israel.

Trump Card

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While on my flight layover in London, I received an email with the following picture from The Spokesman – Review.

When God visited me back on May 31, 2008, He told me that America could change by learning to play the TRUMP CARD.

In that vision which lasted four hours, He showed me how a Triumphant Reserve would arise.  I first began to write about this encounter in Redeeming the Time (Charisma House, 2009), and what it would mean to triumph in days ahead.

At that time I shared, “An easy way to understand triumph is to think of a card played that takes all others (like trumping and winning a hand or suit.)” (p. 146)

I also shared about this vision in The Apostolic Church Arising (Glory of Zion Intl, 2015) and A Time to Triumph (Chosen, 2016).

In this latest book, I shared: “God has a Kingdom of people, a nation above all nations.  These people hold the “trump card” of influence over the world, the flesh and the devil — oh my!  Built within God’s children is His covenant authority to be used in a timely manner.  When we exercise God’s authority within us, we will overtake every plan of the enemy and release a strategy of fullness in the earth.”  (pp. 166-167)

As I shared yesterday, “A Day of Change! A Measure of Revival Has Come!”  this election is NOT about a person, but about changing a nation.

What transpires this month and in January will not fully define our course in days ahead.

Rather, we must learn to play the Trump Card, and continue to earnestly pray for the leader-shift that is occurring in United States.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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Chuck PierceCharles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI).  This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve worldwide. GSI facilitates other ministries and participates in regional and national gatherings to develop new Kingdom paradigms.  Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new wineskin.  Chuck is President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile and is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps nations, cities, churches and individuals understand the times and seasons in which we live.

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