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America: Prepare for God’s Five Tidal Waves! — 2 Comments

  1. I just read this at 15:55… knew not the time when I sat down after housework to watch newest publications. Daughter – when waves of righteousness and truth come forth, there MUST be people who expose. It saddens me that the messangers are treated like criminal whistleblowers.
    All what happened to Jews and Jesus and His disciples was and is written in the Holy Scriptures. Time did not stop since then. All proclaim in these last days, that satan will be exposed. But when a Christian in danger tells what happens, there are 2 groups of brethren: 1 group says: “Shut up” and the other group says: “Go on, do not fear and speak”. No matter what we do – it is “wrong” in the eyes of the other group. This “balance” is no good balance. There must be more who are bold and strong. More who work together against oppression and persecution. I wonder what those will do who are still hidden in their “safety zones”, when it comes against them.
    Thank you, Veronika, for sharing your revelations. Maybe many have misinterpreted you for a amount of revealing what the LORD sends you in the nights and in the days.
    Queen Elizabeth last year publicly stated, that this could be last Christmas…

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