America: the Enemy Within has Opened the Gate


I am going to preface this word only by saying I did not want to write it and I don’t particularly want to share it.  However, this isn’t about me and what I like or don’t like.  It’s also not about what I want to speak or not to speak.  It is about the LORD God Almighty and what He has to say.  So with that I will get out of the way.

What follows is the word the LORD gave me early this morning.  Please do not take this at face value.  You must discern it for yourself according to His written word and His character.

Here is what the Lord spoke to me:

“I AM establishing within you a heavenly perspective.  Remember when you were looking down at that river valley?  (referring to a place I was recently).

You were able to see far and wide.  You saw the surrounding mountains.  You saw the grasslands.  You saw the river and its path.  In the same way I AM establishing your view.

You have been given a broad perspective.  You see the entirety of the valley before you.  As it is stretched out before you, you’re able to take in the various elements, but you are also able to see the flow of the grand picture.

You are looking down right now.  You stand at the edge of a cliff and you are looking down.  Looking to your left and to your right you see things being pushed over the edge and into the valley below.  By the time they reach the bottom from this lofty place they are mangled and destroyed.

Thus your nation [The United States of America] has risen to a lofty place and is now falling.  Oh how great and devastating the fall.

Nothing will look as it did before.  What will be pulled out of the valley will be only that which survived the great fall.  Not some, but most will be destroyed.  In the natural, the most optimistic word to be found will be “survive.”  People will hope for it.  They will strive to attain it.  Many will not.  What remains will hardly resemble what was.  People will cry out and mourn.  They will ask, “How could such a blessed land be reduced to ashes in one hour?”

Yet for My people the word is not “survive.”  It is “thrive.”  Even amidst the judgment they will thrive.  They will shed those things which once encumbered them.  They will shed the old and the dead to be renewed in Me.  These will see the danger and they will weep and mourn the losses, but they will not be shaken.

These will roll off the cliff like a boulder.  On the way down pieces will be broken off.  There will be pain in the loss, but what remains at the bottom will be free from the ungodly things at the top.

Son, I positioned you as a watchman on the wall.  The high place you pictured represents this.  You can see into the distance a great many things.  Yet what you would not have seen was the enemy within your walls.

You have not seen because you were not positioned to look out over the city.  Yet the destruction headed your way was brought about by these within the walls. The invading horde does not approach as an invasion so much as in response to an invitation.

You must sound the alarm and some will be saved as a result.  Yet the enemy from within has opened the gate and as such the enemy from without will meet little resistance.  These hidden enemies think they are in control.

They think it is their plan which is being executed.  It may appear that way at first, but it will quickly become apparent that they are not.  They are attempting to lead Leviathan with a string and they will soon discover their folly, but by then it will be too late.  Once Leviathan snaps the string he will have his way with those who believe they control him.  He will turn on them and unleash upon them the destruction they meant to wield upon this world.

Like a tidal wave it will overtake and consume them.  Woe to these wicked men!  Woe to these rulers who pretend good even as they harbor evil in their hearts.  These will suffer loss and they will be utterly destroyed.

Those they are letting in, have only pretended to ally with them.  In reality they are snarling wolves, ravenous and blood thirsty.  They will take down and consume all they are able to overpower.  Yet even when their bellies are full from the destruction their blood lust will remain.  They will take down the remaining weak and leave their remains scattered.

The rotting corpses will remain where they have fallen and they will waste away.

Woe to the men who plot evil and take great joy in destruction.  On the day destruction turns on them they will cry out, but no one will respond to their calls.  Their fate is sealed.

I AM the God who sees beyond appearances.  I see the heart.  It is the heart I honor and the heart that I judge.

Call My people to pray.  Many will not hear the call or they will simply ignore it.  Some will heed this urgent cry.  Upon these I will place My mark.  The destruction will literally pass them by.

Son, put the shofar to your lips and blow.”


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


America: the Enemy Within has Opened the Gate — 2 Comments

  1. Yes… the Spirit had clearly explain to me before that America is Babylon the great, it will be destroyed by fire one day, through nuclear weapon, but is still far from now. I believe Iran will do this…
    America is the nation with seven hill in Revelation 17.

  2. Hello Mitch I wanted to thank you for your obedience. You confirmed for me nearly word for word what the Lord spoke to me today during my alone time with him. Keep sharing God’s heart with his people. God bless you.