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An Oasis in a Time of Famine and Even Barrenness — 2 Comments

  1. Jesus anointed the 12 and then the 70 disciples to preach God’s Word and heal the sick. Today, if you want refreshment, if you want health and healing, don’t sit under ministries that tell you that God doesn’t always want to heal and that He sometimes gives you diseases to teach you lessons. Instead, sit under anointed ministries that preach the good news and practice healing the sick. Believe God and begin to walk in divine health!

    heavens cross.com

  2. I’m reminded of isaiah 35, the Joy of the Redeemed. It’s been a promise I’ve been waiting on for 25 years.
    Water is gushing forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert, the burning sand will become bubbling pools and the thirsty ground springs….I can feel it, it’s right at the Door, I didn’t know the Storm would last this long…
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!!

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