And the word of the Lord came unto me saying…


“And the word of the Lord came unto me saying . . . . ”   That’s always tugged at me.  Beginning with Abram, and with all of the prophets, the word of the Lord came to them.  Did you ever ask yourself, how did it come?

It was not written down in those early days, like it is today.  We have what is now called the Bible, and we say this is the word of God.  Perhaps, we may just leap into this, and say what must be said.  God, clearly spoke to them.  Yet, if someone says today, that God spoke to them, they are slighted.

As we’ve read, God often spoke to people in the early days, through his angels, through dreams and even through a burning bush.  Since they did not have cell phones or other kinds of modern technology, it seems to me that God spoke audibly to Moses, up on that mountain.  This might very well rile some feathers, but I can’t help that.  The Holy Ghost is talking to all sorts of people today.  He may speaking to them through their angel, or He may be speaking in an audible voice that they can hear, very well.  Before anyone jumps in and starts some strife or division, let’s ask a question….

Do you believe, that the men and women of the Old Testament, had a greater experience with God than we do today?

I’ll be the first to admit, that they did some things, most of us can’t do today, who have had the Holy Ghost for many years.  Now, we might have, if we had been led or allowed the Spirit to teach us all this time.  Like, calling fire down from heaven, and praying over a valley of dry bones and seen them stand up and fight as an army, working miracles and seeing signs and wonders, we only dream of.  I dare say, that many of them, went places in the Spirit, we’ve never been.

When people suppress the gifts of the Spirit and attempt to control the way the Spirit moves and teaches, we lose so much.  The Holy Ghost speaks through people, today.  If these words are truly of the Spirit, they are just as important as the words we read in the written text; if, they are of the Spirit.

God spoke to people in the Old Testament, and He spoke to people in the New Testament.  Why, would He stop speaking to people now?

God speaks to His people, whenever and however He chooses to.  Some try, but they cannot not stop God from speaking to His own.  You can’t stop God!

Jesus said something that hasn’t quite yet sunken in to some, in our day.  He said, “My sheep, know My voice.”

You can dice that up any way you like, but it will say the same thing.  We have stopped far short of what we could and should have in this day; the fullness of Christ, and the Apostles.  We’ve allowed someone or some group, to limit the depth of our earned experiences in the Spirit.  The true Holy Ghost in any person, will tell them if something is really of God, or not.  The answer you’ll get from many, will be, that it must be backed up by God’s Word.  The only answer is, “The word of the Lord came unto them saying….”

That’s, what those Gifts, were for.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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