Do you miss opportunities to be whom the Lord called you to be?


This morning I am grieved in my spirit at how we in the five-fold [ministries] sometimes miss the opportunity to teach, or be an example, because we look at things in the wrong spirit.

Instead of seeing opportunities to bring order and correction or God, using someone to bring us into order, or accepting correction from someone else in ministry, we tend to get offended and reject each other.

Sometimes I forget that everyone has not been given the same mindset that God has given me.  I see things that are wrong and out of order and I try to find a way to correct it or show the person how it is suppose to be done.  There are times when you have to be the example in someone life to show them how to walk in holiness, how to live righteous, how to conduct themselves in Kingdom business, how to entreat others in ministry.

As an Apostle, my job is to teach the word of God, train those whom I’m assigned to, in the ways of the kingdom, and to live a life that exemplifies the lifestyle of Christ.  Yes, we lay down foundational truths, we go into places and regions and churches and correct the wrongs and disorders.  We are firm, but never arrogant, we walk in love and don’t teach hate.

We don’t just go into places of perfection, but we go where we are needed, to bring biblical truth and knowledge to those who have been misled and taught falseness.

My job calls for me sometimes to connect to those whom nobody else wants to deal with, those who are imperfect, those who are dealing with issues, those who don’t understand the true principles of the word of God.  These can sometimes be persons who feel as if they are in perfect Kingdom order, but in reality, they are persons who need an example to show them the right way of doing things.

My job as an Apostle can sometimes be misunderstood by other Apostles who don’t understand the mandate mission and call of a true Apostle.

Reading and studying examples and teachings of the Apostles has taught me that some of us as Apostles have a lot to learn concerning why God chose us into this calling.  We have taken it to mean that we are somewhat ‘high powered’ and can’t be touched and are better than everyone else in ministry individuals.  We have become so arrogant, until we won’t go where there are not big crowds of people, or we don’t receive a certain amount of finances for our preaching.

Do I believe that preachers should be accommodated or blessed?  Yes, I do believe it, but as an Apostle, and I know that I have to go sometimes because God has given me an assignment in that place.

Apostles and Prophets, The Lord is certainly using you in this hour, but let’s not lose sight of the reason why you have been chosen for the work He has called you into.  When we get into a place where we lose our focus and begin to think that we are above the example of our Savior and more importantly, we stop allowing God to lead and guide us, then we have become too important for the Kingdom of God.

As an Apostle, I realize my life belongs to God and the people.  I will always remember when The Lord shook my bed that night I was saved and spoke to me and said, YOU ARE NO LONGER YOUR OWN BUT YOU HAVE BEEN BROUGHT WITH A PRICE.

I have always, from that day forward, allowed Him to govern my life the way He wants to.  It has not always been easy, because there are times God has given me to be a person of controversy, or has given me to be totally different from others.  He doesn’t allow me to become arrogant and prideful in my walk.

The Apostles calling can be a walk of rejection, because they go against religious teachings and denominational doctrines.  It can be a walk of humiliation, because they are many times put in positions were their character is questioned and assaulted, by the very ones they are assigned to help.

It is a calling that was given to me, not nothing I wanted for myself.

I am grieved this morning because I see others in this same calling who have forgotten the true meaning of servanthood.  They have lost their love for souls and have made their calling about gaining prestige in the sight of man and being lifted up and made to be important in the eyesight of the people as well as a way to obtain financial gain for their selfish desires.

Sometimes, seeing the selfishness and the pride and the corruption can be so irritating to me spiritually, but I always remember why God chose me my mission my mandate and my reason I said yes, to my calling.

I want to be pleasing to Him and my love for souls and my desire to see the people be all that The Lord has called them to be.  I truly believe that every now and then everyone needs to reevaluate their calling and the reason why they were called to do the work by The Lord.

A refresher course is needed in this hour, because so many have forgotten that it’s not about them but God and souls.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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