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Are We Willing to Wait for as Long as It Takes? — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for your prayers, & time to reply me. God heal you with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. More anointing & divine strength on you to do God’s work Dear Sandi.

  2. Sister Sandi,
    The prayer that Jesus taught His disciples “Deliver us from evil/evil one” is the cry of the community, and not the individual. We have lost this sense of fighting together, and we are fighting one another. This must stop. The King has made us one, not two! The body of Christ has not been properly taught, and the false gospel that has been perpetuated and proclaimed consists of the American dream, the individual, and its myopic focus on self. Evil has been perpetuated because of this insidious proclamation, and not the Gospel of the King and His kingdom. An another result of this naive, demonic, and childish focus on self is that we end up thinking that being right about a person, event and situation are more important than about the King’s purposes being advanced in the Earth. The battle is here, and many are fighting one another… instead of the real enemy, which is not flesh and blood. Humility, trust, and childlike faith are still the banners of this Kingdom, and the only way to advance the purposes of the Kingdom to the Nations and its inhabitants. Rise up, body of Messiah! All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

    • So well said, Brian!!! Thanks so much for sharing.TRUTH TRUTH. I am so tired of watching God’s people fighting each other. Bravo!! Many blessings to you as you fight the good fight of faith, my brother, Sandi

  3. Pardon me Dear God’s vessel Sandi to ask you to check the comment section of your article “chosen for a time like this” for an urgent message I was given on 15/8/22 for you. It’s posted there. Kindly pray for confirmation. So sorry for taking you back. Thanks. 

    This current article is a confirmation of what God asked me to do (WAIT) without questioning Him! It didn’t make sense initially & was very difficult to me. But being an instruction from God who knows it all, i had to ask for Grace & strength to WAIT & today, HE is nearer than ever, guiding, protecting & showing me great & mighty things that I didn’t know & would not have known amongst others. I Will WAIT UNTIL MY CHANGE/ANS COMES! Just obey the instruction “TO WAIT” & you won’t be disappointed. HE IS FOREVER FAITHFUL! Thanks

    • Dear Adams, I so appreciate what you sent me on 8/15 and I am sorry I have not answered sooner but I tested positive for Covid and am doing well but have been resting. I will pray over all you sent and the word the Lord gave you. So glad that your “WAITING” experiences are producing such fruit Many prayers and blessings, dear brother, Sandi

  4. Those who wait upon the lord with open hearts, trust and faith can see and feel the moves of God in our lives. In many ways, He is waiting on us!

    • So so true, Janice. In many ways HE is truly waiting on us. The Holy Spirit is working both ways. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Sandi

  5. Good day Sandi.
    So this morning as I got up, about 3am…again, the thoughts of “how much longer Lord,” came flooding in, to which I responded, “I will wait patiently for You to act Lord.”
    And then I read your post, wow!! He’s just so good!!!
    Thank you beautiful lady, God bless you!! :)

    • Good evening now, Cheri…I love how He is confirming every word, every dot, every thought He is giving us. He leaves nothing undone. But He is giving us a deep work of trust as we learn to wait in silence and know that He is God and He is working out every detail that not only concerns us but that will fit all the pieces of the puzzle together for His perfect plan. Love and bless you, Sandi

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