As YOU Lift your Hands, I Will War For You!

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I Will Finish and Complete What I started in You!

Now, I hear the Father say, “Beloved, be assured, confident and certain, that I WILL FINISH AND COMPLETE that which I have started in you,”  says God.

“Your hidden sin, secret faults and failures do not discount or disqualify you, by the virtue of My Blood.  

The good work I have begun in you will not be hindered or compromised, but it will be completed in full, presenting you faithful, faultless and Free.

Stop looking back with regret and remorse,  look forward for your greatest days are ahead of you,” says God.

“My Love is wholeheartedly and unceasingly committed to you.  My Love for you is Steadfast and sure, passionate, tender and kind.  It never fails but always succeeds.

My grace towards you is bold and fierce, boundless and extravagant.  Yes, it is unmerited favour that exchanges your weakness for power and strength and your faults and failures for forgiveness and freedom.

My mercies toward you are new and fresh every morning, giving you a clean slate and new beginning each day.

My hand is upon you, ever-present with you, always working and moving on your behalf, opening doors that lead to Increase and closing doors that lead to decrease.  Put your trust in Me, My faithfulness is a guarantee,”  says God.

“I AM your Good Shepherd.  I have laid down My life for you, despite your wanderings.  My love, grace and mercy will vigorously seek you out, find you, and bring you back into My everlasting arms.”

Rejoice!  You Are Known Intimately by the Creator of the Universe

“Listen My Beloved, I know your insecurities.
I know your human frailties.
I know your weaknesses.
I know your thoughts, motives and heart intentions
I know you in the hidden places and behind closed doors.
I know the skeletons in your closet.
I know your past.
I know your families.
I know your friends.
Truly I tell you nothing is hidden from me!

Trust in me, trust in my unfailing love and acceptance of you.  Beloved, I know the power and the authority I have placed within you.
Nothing is impossible for you to overcome, no mountain to high and no valley to deep.
Have I not said, “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit”?
I have empowered, equipped and enabled you to live beyond your mortal frailties and weaknesses.  I have chosen, appointed and anointed you for such a time as this,” says God.

As YOU Lift your Hands I Will War For You!

“Jehovah-Nissi, your Banner, that is My Name,”  says God.

“As you Lift your hands I will war for you.  I do not tolerate spiritual predators who take advantage of you.  My Banner encamps around you, protecting you against being victimised and exploited by spiritual strongmen.

I AM revealing new perspective, new wisdom, strength, and grace.  I will give you joy as you watch Me turn the plans of the enemy upside down.

I have anointed you “Peacemaker,” carrying the message of Reconciliation.  I will lead and guide you in situations where the spirit of division and alienation are moving.

I will give you a fearless compulsion to share and impart My Strength and Peace with those that are fearful and hopeless.

Listen!  Have I not given you ALL Authority to demolish strongholds?  

The Keys to Life and Liberty?  

The weapons that render the enemy powerless?

The armour that protects you from every power and principality of darkness?

The Faith and Grace that moves mountains?

Access and availability to All Wisdom and Understanding?

Supernatural favour that will propel and accelerate your success and Victory?

The Joy that gives Supernatural Strength?

The Awareness of My Presence watching over and sustaining you?

Full Adoption as My Sons giving you access to All that is Mine?

Freedom from All guilt and condemnation?

Wholeness of Spirit lacking nothing?

Sons and Daughters, today I AM giving you a settled assurance of Who I AM as your Father.  Who you are, My child.

Now be fully secure in My love for you and the future I have for you,  I have made you heirs to all the treasures and resources of heaven,.  Now go!”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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As YOU Lift your Hands, I Will War For You! — 1 Comment

  1. This is HUGE!!!!!!!!
    Lately, I again and again rejoice in my our Father’s Faithfulness towards us. HalleluYah!!
    What has happened? What is this dry season in my life that I am facing? I have asked myself this many times. I often felt it was because of me and my many many failures and my failure to look ahead rather than behind me…(OUCH!)
    And though one huge reason for the dryness is probably directly related in looking behind me rather than ahead. However, I also think that our Father is a Master in accomplishing GREAT things. Sometimes our perspective in life just simply has to change. Just as I have heard Veronika say before, “The Father plants, waters, uproots, heals and restores.
    What an Amazing God we serve!!! WE long for God to accomplish His Great purpose for us in a way that would be more comfortable and perhaps more convenient for us. Thankfully our Father knows best. That is all I can say. And I Worship Him for His Wisdom and Sovereignty.

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