Consider our Attitude to Others


The main attitude is God’s Quality of Love.  This should result in forgiveness, acceptance of others (but not what they may do) and service.

God is a reconciler and expects us to be one also and these attitudes are necessary if we are to be one.

Only those who wholeheartedly try to express God’s Love correctly will end up in heaven with Him.

As you talk about others there should not be any judgmental or critical attitudes or gossip, but an evaluation with the objective of doing for them what God desires done for them.

Love is compassion and understanding and not condemnation or hate.

So what attitude do you have toward others and how do you talk about others?

The LORD reminds you:

“But I tell you that every idle word that men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment,”   Matthew 12:36 NHEB.

So Jesus asks you:

What do you think about others?

Does My Quality of Love determine how you think about others?

Or how you relate to them?

Or serve them?

Remember:  You will have to explain every ungodly word you ever said.


~ Through Neville Salvetti

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via
The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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