August: Divine Abundance, Access & Acceleration


Get ready.  I prophesy August will be a month of divine abundance, divine access and divine acceleration.

Listen!  I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.

“And Elijah said unto Ahab, ‘Arise quickly, go up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain!’

All morning I have been hearing the sound of abundance, seeing doors of open access, and feeling a fresh wind of acceleration.

I keep hearing the words, “Get ready.  It’s time to go up.  There is a sound of an “Abundance of rain.”

I prophesy the month of August will be a month of divine access, divine abundance and divine acceleration.

Expect:   New and open doors that will give you access to greater influence and Kingdom impact.  Watch for unexpected miracles and divine meetings.  You are carrying something that someone else needs!

Except:   To receive double portions and supernatural increase.  The gift you carry is making room for you in this season and the seeds you have sown in the last season will suddenly burst forth.

Watch as new life leads to greater fruitfulness causing your baskets to overflow, the breath of God releasing expansion and enlargement to that which is in your hand.

Except:   The winds of acceleration to blow upon every area of your life.  There is a supernatural shift taking place even in this hour.  I see the words, relocation, resettlement and replacement.

There is a greater momentum taking place in the realms of the Spirit that is causing many things that have been stuck, stagnant and stifled to be lifted, shifted, unlocked, unblocked and released to you with greater power and increase.

Do you hear it?  There is a sound of an abundance of rain to reign.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen!”

I believe in this hour the spirit of deception has caused many to become desensitised, deaf, disillusioned and desperate.  Hearts have become distant and deeply discouraged.  The only sounds that many can hear are the sounds of hopelessness, doubt and despair.

I hear the Spirit say, “Awake, you who sleep and slumber.  Arise oh mighty warriors.  Rise up in my strength and power from among the dying and the dead, for I the Messiah will illuminate, ignite and empower you in this hour.”

I see the mighty hand of God beginning to stir and awaken, activate and sensitise our spiritual senses to the sounds, sights and even our taste for the abundance of rain.

I see the waters rising.

I see an outpouring of new wine and I see a mighty overflow from the rivers of his glory and goodness touching and transforming everything in its path.

Get ready, it’s time to go up, eat and drink, there is a sound of an abundance of rain.


Postscript: Abun-“Dance.”   Yes I decree and declare that in the weeks ahead you will testify that august was a month where you, “Went up and danced in the fields of His abundance.”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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August: Divine Abundance, Access & Acceleration — 3 Comments

  1. Dear sister, while I read this article, a heavy rainfall is outside, abundant rainfall, even a warning in the land for tonight /we have 9:35 a.m. just now) and after some hot days it is like Autumn here. Anyway – GOD still is LORD, HE makes the weather (I heard of menmade weather manipulations, yes, we all know…BUT GOD….HE knows, too).  He makes fields dry or does watering them, like He wants.
    Once I witnessed dry tress on a full field of many fruit bearing trees. All started well in Spring. The old farmer was silent when he stood before them and brought it into relation with his proud son… he did not really love the abundance of fruits year after year – he even made his business before and after church on Sundays. Money money money….No one expected this “failure” of the harvest. BUT GOD….

  2. Oh…Thank you. You have no idea of what your obdiance and faithfulness to our Lord has ministered. Jo