Awakening of Love Warriors


The path has been difficult for you My children.  You have asked, “Why are you punishing me LORD, what have I done wrong?”

I do not harm you dear children.  I AM life and in Me is life eternal.  Your pain has been the result of the stripping that has occurred.

Take away a baby’s toy from his hand and he weeps and he wails.  So it has been with you My children, you have played with things in this world that are dangerous and in My love I had to strip these harmful objects from your hearts.

You belong to Me and no other.  I rear you as My beloved child.

Do not look at the things of this world that bring temporary pleasure as they are fleeting – a mirage of the pure fruit of joy that can only be found in My presence.

The sweet sound of My whisper in your heart is like a delicacy – once tasted you will crave for more of My voice, for my breath holds life.

When you taste of my goodness and the pleasures that are at my right hand you will be drunk with love, intoxicated with a desire to know the source of this purity.

The broken love in the world has enticed you to seek for more of what only I can give for I AM LOVE.

To experience the fullness of who I AM, I invade those places in your soul that distracts you so I can have your full attention.  When your heart is divided you can only experience a small portion of who I AM.

As you draw closer my whisper turns into a rumble, a rumble into thunder and thunder into the sound of many waters bellowing within you.

Fiery love burns with zeal and passion for what is Mine.  Love has been awakened in My sleeping bride, a new hunger will be stirred in the hearts of My children to desire the pure fruits of fellowship with the King of kings.

I the LORD have spoken and what I say, I do.  For a season has come upon you that will see the rising of a bride who burns with My love.

A love revolution will annihilate the divisions that have broken the unity in My body and an army of love warriors will go forth to set the captives free and introduce the lost to the one who was and is, and is to come.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
As a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealousy as cruel as the grave
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame,”    
Song of Songs 8:6 (NKJV).


Ashley Hutheram

HKPAshley Hutheram – a son of God in Christ Jesus.



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