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  1. Dear Deborah,
    Sometimes, when I am in need of a very specific word from the Lord, I hop on HKP. Do you know, every single time, the answer I seek is within one of your posts. Every time! And this has been going on since I first discovered HKP about 6 or 7 years ago!
    Our incredible Heavenly Father…just NEVER ceases to amaze me! He is so good.
    I know He does nothing without meaning, but I haven’t figured this one out yet.
    I pray continued blessings upon your life as you remain an obedient vessel of The Most High.
    And forever more.

  2. Confirmation!!
    – Lately in my spirit I heard in my prayer room, “Take off your shoes for the place you stand upon is Holy Ground.”
    I’ve been compelled to keep it clean repeatedly even though I don’t physically feel like due to weariness.
    – Lord has been highlighting:
    ‘Army of Warriors’
    ‘You have died to self.’
    – I’ve been addressing our Lord as Commander-in-chief past few days.
    – 1 Ptr 3 3-4 . .gentle and quiet spirit is one of my scriptures.

    Watch on u tube the vid by Joshua Aaron, ‘You Are Holy ‘(Live at the tower of David,Jerusalem) , 6:10 minutes , very powerful worship atmosphere.
    Joshua Aaron also did a vid with his wife & kids, their voices so angelic.
    I just remembered the Holy Spirit prompting me to watch it the other day and I said later – His nudges are so subtle.
    I was praying hard asking the Lord to change my name to something new – I hated the old identity and what I had become because of constant trauma.  Holy Spirit had me put my description on tube as:
    “God’s Fearless Warrior enlisted in His end-time army fighting alongside the kingdom of heaven in order to bring justice & freedom to the nations⚔️️⚖️”
    With a photo of Wonder Woman in her Golden Armor suit.
    No way I could’ve thought that up, lol.  I was planning to put some funny worldly message and photo.

  3. So spot-on!! I led our prayer conference call on Monday morning and wasn’t sure what the Holy Spirit wanted to say and do, but I refuse to do Life without Him, the Lord has been speaking to me so much about the Army of God lately. I listened to The Call again by Rick Joyner the other day where he brings up the Army of God in the 3 different stages. So that’s what we prayed about. We covered the Righteous Elect and Remnant of the Mighty Faithful Warriors of the Most High God!!
    God bless beautiful lady!! :)

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