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    • Alex, thanks for sharing. Don’t you just love the dream confirmations from the Lord? Indeed the waters are choppy and the waves are high but our ship in sailing on with divine protection as we batten down the hatches. Blessings to you and praise to HIM! Sandi Holman

    • Theres, I am familiar with the prophecy and also the bible verses but no the Lord was not speaking to me directly about Sept 23rd..If what HE gave me about what is coming applies to that, He did not give me any specifics. Hope that answers your question. God Bless You. Sandi Holman

  1. I forgot to mention the Lord gave me a prophetic word about 6 years ago. It pertained to a certain property, which the Lord told me, I would be living at in “those” days (to come).
    He said it would be a “Lighthouse”…where people would run for safety. He also said He would be sending certain ones. And that this home would serve as a place of rest, of restoration, of teaching and training and healing.
    I happened to drive by that particular property a couple months back. As I glanced over at it, not even thinking about the promise of God, He said:
    (In addition, starting about 15 years ago, and ever since, the Lord has been repeating: “Light up the darkness!”
    Praise You, precious Lord! Thank You for mercy and grace and love and PATIENCE with me. You are so SO good!

    • Dear Lisa, What a loving promise from the Lord who loves you most! May you grow quickly as a safe haven that offers rest, restoration and teaching as well as healing as His lighthouse in the darkest hour. May His light shine brightly through you as patience has its perfect work in you and you endure to the end as a vessel of honor. God Bless you abundantly, Sandi Holman

  2. Just a few days ago, the Lord spoke, “Deeper Waters.” Although I have been seeking Him for more specific answers, as I’m facing imminent homelessness.
    Just 30 minutes ago, I commented on a YT video and said: “I know this ‘deeper waters’ thing comes at a price. It’s going to cost me something.”
    Three years ago, I was placed at the feet of Jesus. I’ve gone through deliverance, some very deep healing and been set free from drugs, alcohol, men, cigarettes. But I have still been smoking a vape.
    I KNEW that the Lord wanted it gone. He’s so long-suffering with me. But I’ve hung onto it like IT was my lifeline!
    Before getting on the site, I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to me, here. Then I scrolled through the titles. I knew this was the one, even though I didn’t see the waters correlation! LOL
    When I got to the, “deeper waters” part, I began to cry, as there was no doubt, the Lord was speaking. But THEN, when I read the part about letting go of things that we’re holding fast to…there was no more arguing with God. The vape MUST go!
    So, I ask for prayer, please, that the Lord will remove the addiction and then strengthen my resolve to never turn back.
    Thank you, Sister in Christ!

    • Wow, Lisa, just Wow. God really knows just how to speak to each of us individually as well as corporately. I love when HE spells out what he has been promising and speaking to us individually. Thanking God with you and and rejoicing that He has delivered you from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. He has cleansed you with living waters and washed away the desire for something to satify what only HE can satisfy. I will surely pray that the fear of the Lord will begin to give you divine wisdom and you will let go of the last habit!!! And that your will habitually seek Him every day of your life. Blessings and prayers, Sandi Holman

        • Hallelujah Lisa, I shout His praises along with you. There is no God like our God. May the only addiction you have be to Him and His love, grace, and power! Praise and Honor to the King who is our savior and deliverer. Sandi

  3. Yes!Amen !Thank you i receive these words. Thank you prophet.
    YES “My Ship has come in!”,make me more powerful. AMEN !

  4. O’ Jesus, I so want this prophecy to be for me, for I need it, Lord, the timeline and deliverance.

    Lord, I called on angelic assistance today using the word “encamp.” Keep your angels around me as I go through this trial. Let me cling more closely to You and stop fearing my persecutors. You are sovereign. You have this injustice in your hands.

    I beg you, Jesus, for new beginnings. Yes, may the fruit of my labour be actualized in life. I’m ready to move on, Lord. To the next step. I love you Lord. You are a God of deliverance.

    Spirit, come into me in greater measure. Come in now. Let me inhale You deeply. Show me my spiritual gift. I am holding tightly to Jesus’ hand as I ask for His Spirit to enter. Cleanse my heart. Tilt my head toward You. Be with me at all times as you promise to never leave me or forsake me. I thank you for that promise. Let me feel your presence since you are here.

    And yes… redeem all that has been lost. So much is gone. I pray for love.


    • Dear Krissi, I am standing with you for everything you declared that was spoken by the Lord through me. His promises are yes and amen. You said you want it so I decree that you will just take it! Fruit is beginning to be seen to those who have planted, sown and are now reaping the fruit of their labor. Lord, thank you for releasing to Krissi your deep love afresh and let her be renewed in her spiritual gifts to a greater measure. Blessing and grace to you dear sister, Sandi Holman

    • Success, good to see you. You are so so welcome. I am delighted that you receive. SO Be IT! Blessings galore abounding to you, Sandi

  5. Good morning Patricia, SO well said ‘Not for the faint of heart’.I appreciate very much your encouraging as the battle is still raging for me to recover my blog. Many thanks for sharing. Love and blessings to you, Sandi

    • Dear Sandi, Believing God with you for Divine recovery of your blog. A week ago we received what they enemy sought to delay. An inheritance that brought much encouragement to our hearts. Am starting to feel joy anew in this contending for the faith. You are such an overcomer.  smile.  Love and blessings to you too Sandi.  What a mighty God we serve!

      • So appreciate you standing with me re: my blog. I worked most of the afternoon and evening trying to communicate with WordPress via of ‘Account Recovery’ to no avail. Pressing on and thanking God for favor to recover all!!!!! We shall cross over into the New Day as VICTORS, not victims. We shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb. Love and grace to you Patricia! Sandi

  6. Sandi, A timely Word full of the Lords wisdom.  Living with those hatches battened down is a must.  Keeping them battened down takes wisdom from above. We had a tornado watch yesterday till midnight and other things to deal with and contend for. This battle is not for the faint of heart. Am moving forward cautiously and slowly taking ground. Will print your word as it is a real encourager that I will share. Blessings, Patricia

    • Good morning Patricia, SO well said ‘Not for the faint of heart’.I appreciate very much your encouraging as the battle is still raging for me to recover my blog. Many thanks for sharing. Love and blessings to you, Sandi

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