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Be watchful of kindred demons in Church — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you apostle Barbara for your posts on Facebook.
    Through your post you are helping me to understand the kind of ministry I have, or you are confirming to me the ministry that has given me. I am repenting for allowing others to influence me regarding people that came to me and they were like those that you described.
    God has given me that unique ministry, but because of lack of understanding and influence I let some people go that maybe I shouldn’t have, I am so sorry Lord.
    And the people who were influencing me were apostles and prophets saying you are not equipped to handle these kind of people, or something is wrong with you that you keep attracting these mind of people what’s in you.
    Because of your posts I want to thank you for helping me to understand. Everyone is gone now.  I am alone and I feel very empty, because I listened to others about the people that was around me.
    Thank you. I’m getting understanding.

  2. The same thing that went on in the 80’s is happening again – though always has gone on. There has been going on what I call a Judas repentance which is actually NO repentance at all, just as there is a false humility. Most people seem to not be able to tell the difference.
    May discernment go forth.

  3. Thank God for prophetic people such as you apostle, and others who have keen discernment who can see through it, and provide confirmation to what any are saying. May the anointing of Jehu be released upon the apostles to restore and rebuild that which pertains to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Jezebel hates repentance and humility, because it sees it as a sign of weakness and not a strength. But we know repentance is what we all need to be in constant fellowship with Jesus Christ and others.

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