Become Flames of Fire for Him!


God’s plan for us is to become flames of fire.  It is not enough to just belong to a place where the fire burns, but you must also be filled with this fire.

We are His living stones!  For those whose flame is burning low, I decree a revival upon each living stone in Jesus mighty name.

There is a spirit of revival in the air.  The wind of God is moving as mightily as it did on the day of Pentecost.

God is raising up a mighty army of Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized, tongue talking, and Jesus loving believers.  Remember before there was an army in Ezekiel’s valley, there was only dry bones.

Oh but the life of God, the fire of God caused them to rattle, shake, and Revive!

I Decree right now that every bone in you experience a personal revival!

As I go to my knees, I declare life over those embers of a once blazing flame!  For Heaven’s greatest jewel and hell’s greatest dread is when the army of God hits their knees.

From our knees we shake hell, we open Heaven, we wage war, we wrestle souls from the hands of the demonic, we pull down those strongholds and begin to build a firm foundation for the Kingdom.  It is the key to Heaven’s treasure house.

Right now Dear LORD, raise up your living stones.  Let your Holy Fire penetrate their bones!

Break up the fallow ground.  Let the spirit of revival sweep through as on the day of Pentecost.

May every head receive a flame right now!  People healed, delivered and set free as your mighty breath blows.

Just like Paul and Silas, shake the very foundation of the individual prisons that hold some captive.  Swing the prison doors off its hinges that they shall go free!

Right now I decree a Holy Ghost jump start on each one reading this today.  A complete Holy Ghost hijacking!

Unlock the Heavens and rain down on them.  It is time for some personal revivals!


Dana Jarvis

Dana JarvisDana Jarvis has a calling upon her life and Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry came from a Word the LORD spoke to her.  His words resonated in her Spirit and is what Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry is all about ~ to Equip, Empower, Encourage, and Raise Up his Sons and Daughters for such a time as this!
A Prophetic Seer/ Intercessor, Minister, Author & Christian Coach/ Prophetic Mentor, Dana is blessed by Abba to be one of His Leading Ladies for such a time as this.  Feel free to contact Dana as she would love to hear from you!

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