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Beware The Idol Shepherds! — 2 Comments

  1. Francis is the IDOL SHEPHERD! He is leading those who follow him to Hell since they cannot see he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing! He looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon! He is leading the UN against Christians and the whole people of God! He is trying to change the Our Father and the TEN COMMANDMENTS to try and start up the AZTEC Human Sacrifice that was stopped by the Guadalupe Image in 1531! 12.12.1531 THE WOMAN of REVELATION started a NEW PENTECOST to follow CHRIST in the CATHOLIC Church and MEXICO was born! Francis is an apostate idolator who loves himself NOT God!

  2. After reading your article, I was shocked that God would reveal this to someone halfway across the globe.  I too was shouted and humiliated in church by the pastor.  All because I was going to bless the visiting pastor.  Now I understand.

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