Britain: Paradigm Shift, it’s Time to Move!


A Word for the United Kingdom: “Look!  The children are coming carrying the fires of revival, a time of sifting is turning to a time of radical shifting.”

Two days ago I was in a time of prayer for Theresa May [UK Prime Minister] when I heard in the Spirit the sound of a beating drum.  But it seemed a way off in the distance.

As I continued to press into the sound, suddenly I saw an army of children marching on the horizon.  I saw them dressed in garments of pure white light.

They moved and advanced to the sound of the beating drum.  Immediately I heard the Father say, “My daughter behold, I AM doing a new thing in this hour and in this nation.

Tell My people to forget the former things and not to even consider the things of old.  Now it shall spring forth; you shall know it.

Watch!  For My lambs are arising and advancing in this hour, clothed in the fiery garments of revival, and anointed with Kingdom power, authority and revelation.  These are the sons and daughters of peace and purity who will lead the sheep by a new way, a way that leads to a new land of promise and victory, for I AM reshaping, readjusting, refashioning and rebuilding this nation.

It’s time for My people to move and shift, move and shift.  Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and minds have not conceived what I am about to do in this nation,” says God.

As I heard the Father speak these powerful words, I saw His hand write across the skyline the words, “Paradigm shift, it’s time to move”!

Now after hearing Him speak, I began to praise Him for the new thing that He is doing in the midst of our nation, when the Holy Spirit impressed upon me a picture of a ‘drummer boy’ who would march on the battlefield ahead of the army, beating on his drum.

The picture was so clear and so powerful, that I immediately looked up some details on the duties of a drummer boy, and this is what I found.  Among the many tasks of a drummer boy, one was to beat the cadence for the soldiers who were marching.  But one of his main jobs was to be the communicator for his unit.  The drummer boy established communications and kept order among the units in the field.

The drummer boy would use one of many drum calls, for everything from assembling the troops to march, to gathering the officers for strategy meetings, and also to sound the call to advance or retreat while under enemy fire.

Drummers always remained near to a high-ranking officer, to play the drum calls that would relay the officer’s orders and commands.  The drummer boys were often awakened at all hours of the night to drum the call.  Frequently, they would not be able to go back to sleep, because once the men were assembled and deployed, the drummers would lay down their drums and act as runners between outposts, carry stretchers or do whatever was necessary to help the unit.

I found this information incredibly exciting, enlightening, and powerfully prophetic of what God is doing and about to do with the younger generation in our nation at the critical time!!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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