Broken Bridges Are Being Rebuilt!

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This Is a Season of Divine Discovery and Supernatural Recovery

In this hour, I see the great healer and the great revealer God peeling back many layers and digging down into the core of our truest selves.

I see there is a divine unearthing happening for many where God is unveiling true calling, purpose, identity and destiny.

Watch, for that which has been concealed, hidden and covered is now being revealed, healed and released.

In this season many are going are through a spiritual metamorphosis and an even greater transformation which is unveiling the core DNA that God has put within each of them.

As layers are peeled away and removed the true shape of who they are, and who they have been created to be is being uncovered and put on display.

I see the finger of God removing destructive labels that have formed impenetrable layers of fear, insecurity and inferiority, the enemy has taken full advantage of these hidden areas, He has set out to establish lie upon lie which has reinforced the strength of each one of these layers, but!!

Today I see the power of God’s love, mercy and compassion reaching down to strip away those layers of lies.  The Spirit of Truth is now healing, replacing, restoring and strengthening every one of those weaker areas that have been sealed shut and covered over.

I declare:   The true beauty, power and potential of the new creation that is within you is now being newly discovered, recovered and reclaimed for many, true identity and Kingdom destiny is being birthed in this hour.

Broken Bridges Are Being Rebuilt and Repaired in This Season!

Today Father showed me a picture of a ramshackled bridge.  It was broken, dilapidated and lying in total disrepair.

As I looked at the bridge, I could see in the distance the figure of a man.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit illuminated the picture to me.

I saw jesus standing upon the broken bridge, then I heard him whisper to me, “Daughter I AM the restorer, the redeemer and the great revealer.  In this hour I come to rebuild, repair and restore that which the enemy has broken and destroyed.”

After hearing these words, the Holy Spirit showed that the enemy has come into the lives of many to break down bridges and build walls between the people of God.

I saw satan strategically working behind the scenes to dismantle and destroy bridges, causing many to experience delays, detours and despair.

Satan’s agenda has been to derail and to distract.  He knows that if he can destroy bridges, he will destroy the pathway that leads to God’s supernatural provision, protection, divine appointments and Kingdom destiny.

I saw that the enemy has already begun to build strong walls of division and disunity.  He is building walls that will disconnect and isolate the sons and daughters of God from discovering their true calling, identity and Kingdom purpose in this season.

Then I heard the Spirit say, “I AM exposing and uncovering the works of wickedness and destruction, and I AM quickening hearts in this hour to seek my bridge building love.

For I AM restoring what has been lost, repairing what has been broken and rebuilding what has been destroyedFor My redemption power comes now in this hour to touch, change and transform that which has laid in broken pieces and beyond repair.

I AM turning and reversing the effects of the enemies schemes and tactics.  Watch, for now I AM building something that is more powerful, more beautiful and more amazing.

Beloved, I AM the master builder, the mighty healer and the powerful redeemer.

In this season, My spirit of reconciliation has come to reconnect hearts, revive hope, renew faith and restore vision to my people.  Even now I AM breathing new life into all that has been broken, battered, barren and that which the enemy sought to dismantle, disconnect and destroy,” says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Broken Bridges Are Being Rebuilt! — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome Prophetic Words Spoken ! Glory, Honor, and Higher Praises, lifted unto you Abba, This is So Good, as your awesome wonders to perform into my life.
    I thank you for all and everything in Jesus awesome name, Amen and Amen.