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Buckle Your Seat Belt — 5 Comments

  1. You released a word at the beginning of the year that I printed out. It was about the wild roller coaster ride we were going to be on this year.

  2. The Birthing process is All about Pushing and Squeezing. The Birth canal is Not where You have bean, and Not where you are going, but is “No Mans Land”… The Old ways No longer apply, and the New ways are yet to be Realized. What is Sure is “His Will” in the outcome. That is where I keep my focus… by His Grace…

    Love Always…. Jon

  3. The message from Buckle Your Seat is so right on. This message has really hit home for me. I am selling my house, I found a house that I love, the area I love, I have prayed and prayed over this house and the house does have a big problem with the foundation and my heart is for this house, someone else put a bid on it, so I guess I have lost the house. Now I found another house much bigger and better, a bank foreclosuer. House is nice, but I am totally out of my comfort zone with the house and the town, feeling so out of place,and yet I feel safe in this house,I am asking myself am I in GOD’S will, should I pray or not pray, is GOD listening? Yet the BIBLE says he is concerned with what concerns us. I am so un comfortable, things are not what I was planning on.Now should I buy or not buy. I totally know if GOD is not in this, I will not be happy. My daughter and grandson live with me and they have 2 huge pot belly pigs which are hogs now and we all live together, I want another place so the hogs can live out side all the time. I want my daughter and my family to be happy. I do not want to live alone until GOD brings my daughter a husband. Buckle you seat is for me.

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