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California Earthquake: Land Splits Into the Sea! — 6 Comments

  1. I have been given confirmations regarding California twice.  Once on 5/27/19 upon waking I felt the Lord download “California” into my spirit.  Then the word “Chaos”.  Then I heard the Holy Spirit say “In the chaos, I will fortify My people.”  Then on 6/27/19 I saw a vision of a map of the United States but it was only the outline, no detail.  Then I saw a red push pin in the area of the state of California.

    Regarding the number 10.5, I saw that number in a dream that I had on 4/9/19.  In the dream I was in a public building and told to sit in a chair attached to machine/computer.  The computer asked me questions and recorded my responses and also took measurements of me.  It moved me from station to station.  At one station it shot a laser beam at my pelvis.  Then the number “105” appeared on the computer screen as a result of the measurement.

  2. My God! I also dreamt (yesterday) that California had tore off of the United States. I could see a map of the United States almost like a blueprint. In the dream there had been one then two earthquakes after those two hit a third one came out of nowhere. Once it tore off for some reason the state turned red like fire red. And that was all.

  3. I’m Believing and praying for God’s Mercy. Alot of us are!!! We have a God of Love and Life. John 10:10 Satan is the author of death and destruction, JESUS is the author of Life, life abundant. I’m standing in the gap for California, as my father Abraham did, I live here. Many Christians live here. I choose to believe my Lord God, is Our refuge. Our stronghold. He covers us in His Feathers. Again many of us here Love Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Blessings and Love to you. Jesus have Mercy On All of America in Yeshua’s Mughty Holy Name.

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