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Cast All Your Cares! — 5 Comments

  1. Every heart change I have ever had has been the work of the Holy Spirit. About the only role I play is asking Him for help.
    THIS message is the next one I’m requesting Hom to build into my life. I’ve been unintentionally carrying my own cares and worries for so long, I’ve forgotten how that total peace even feels.
    Thank you for writing this today.

  2. Soo Good, and such a confirmation. 
    The reality of this Truth hit me hard yesterday at work. Some form of dark thought tried to take hold but the Spirit of Revelation rose up within me and with great faith I knew I didn’t have to partner with that decept5, and as I gave it to the Father I knew I’d been walking with something defeated……a shadow, but now i could walk with the Word of God, the Spirit of Truth. But I also knew by Revelation that I needn’t do that anymore, that i wasn’t in this battle alone and I handed it easily back to the Father in complete surrender.
    Gid bless you Deborah, I love it when He brings such astounding confirmation!!

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