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  1. YES YES LORD! and AMEN!  You are a mighty, longsuffering and glorious GOD… a GREAT KING my LORD my God my King. Thank you Bev, once AGAIN we can be sure that THIS is the word of the Lord! ALL GLORY be unto Him, in Jesus name. AMEN. BLESS you beautiful sister Beverly J-F ⭐️

    • Jo,

      I’m sorry I sent this once tonight, but its disappeared. I’m sorry I’m late in seeing this. I only saw your response now (10/7/23).

      Thank you so much for your response & encouragement. You are so Kind. Truly its Him, I’m only the messenger who gets blessed by Him to write it out & send it in to share.

      God loves your fervor in worship & fighting for Him & His Kingdom.  He said you are a Mighty Warrior for His Kingdom. 

      I saw you dancing gloriously before Him. It was so beautiful. Keep it up! HE LOVES IT!

      Thank you again for responding.  BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Marianne,
      You are so welcome. GOD is so GOOD to us!!! Thank you so much for responding! 

      God says you have a beautiful heart. I see the words coming out of your mouth as musical notes. So He sees you sing to Him in your heart & it brings Him great joy! Wow! He loves you so much!

      BLESSINGS ! Bev

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