Characteristics of True and False Prophets — 2 Comments

  1. Yes! I can so relate to this comparison.  I myself am a prophet for the Kingdom.  God called me not man. I can relate to Paul of what he stated in I Cor 2:4-5. In my obedience to the call of the Lord he uses me mightily to sound the prophetic alarm in my sphere of influence. He gets the glory and it is I that receives his favor because it is He that speaks. This is a sure demarcation line of the true prophets versus the false prophets. Thank you for the details. Just by you doing this speaks true prophetic volumes. Keep going forth in His Name!

    • Pastors run churches as their own private business while TB Joshua don’t even own a bank account.
      Sadly, the gap between the so-called religious accusers and the Holy Prophet TB Joshua is ever widening as many leading pastors in the world are becoming more embroiled in the pursuit of money and material gain than the essence of Christ’s gospel and work. Kingdom business seems more like worldly business, with pastors making headlines for expensive acquisitions, lavish living and political speeches as opposed to solving problems, meeting needs and changing lives.
      Ilobi Austin, a catholic in faith, wrote, “While God is ordering the Holy Prophet (T.B. Joshua’s) counterparts to acquire more automobiles and in some cases, private jets with cost in the billion bracket, the same God is asking the Holy Prophet TB Joshua to love humanity like himself and consequently, improve their earthly and heavenly fortunes.  Prophet TB Joshua is today, father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, friend to the friendless and government to the government-less. Little wonder then, that the good Lord magnanimously found him worthy for the arduous task of delivering his people from the vice grip of the devil. Such powers in the hands of such ministers, who have made the criticism of his ministries their pastime, would have seen deliverance going to the highest bidders.”
      Investigations reveal that TB Joshua don’t even own a bank account. He simply gives away freely.

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