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  1. Thank you precious heart, for sharing to me the Father’s love, his words, are so awesome and dear to my heart, every once in a while when the Father speaks through you, it always grips my heart, it is like he is speaking to me personally.
    It always speaks, what is, the exact things upon my heart, and what his plans and purposes are for me, and as I read them and meditate upon his spoken words it forms a Yes, within me, for I truly do delight much in them. I am grateful how he uses you to minister his words in the prophetic, always a right on target, never fails, so good. Oh my Father, your words, brings strength to me this day, encouragement, gratification, joy, excitement bubbling up within me, so precious are your words, so awesome are they to me, in my Now, for surely this is my divine appointment as I keep my eyes focus on you, continuing as I press on to the finish line, for it is finished. I am overwhelmed in your goodness, yes Abba, it shall be a suddenly overtaking me, for you are the God, of Suddenlies, Surprises, and I know that I know this, for this is who you are, and you delight in me, much as you long to give good gifts to your children. Yes, I shall see your Goodness in the land of the living, for you have spoken it to me, and as I await it truly will be astonishing to the world around about me. I love you for you are so faithful, you are above everything. I exalt you higher than the highest. I value your words. I take honor in all in who you are to me. I long for more. I thirst and hunger for more and more of you, to know you more, to please you in every way humanly possible. I know you are there, you listen to every word I speak you care and long for me, bring me higher, take me into that secret place in you.
    I need you Lord, I seek your face in all that I am, obeying you, loving you, help me, each and every day, my awesome Daddy, and I thank you in advance for your unexpected surprises coming to me. I have them already, for you have spoken it, and I say I love you for loving me, calling me, choosing me, to become all and everything you have ordained before the foundations of the world, for me to be. Amen and Amen !! Wow, This Truly Is My Words for This Month of September 2016 as I decree it so shall it be unto me. Glory, Honor, and Praises to you Abba Father. Yes, Yes, Yes,

  2. Praise God! I sincerely thank Jesus for you, allowing me somehow to connect to the word, that God has instilled in you, that is spoken through you, that reaches my heart, every time……I extend my gratitude, love, peace and thankfulness, asking God to overflow your boundaries with Divine blessings in which only He can perform……God bless you!

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