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Claim Your Crown, Every Stronghold Shall Come Down! — 4 Comments

  1. How marvellous ! And thank you for all the work and time you’ve put into this and all other publications. O what a joy you point out Revelation 14:14 !! It is such a holy confirmation, I just did not think about that Holy Scripture when I saw it unfolding right before my eyes 2 days ago.

    Now about the Psalm 132:18…. Today something happened where I had to put all my strength together to withstand a very prideful arrogant homosexual man who oppressed me some years long (my former boss) and my final very strong and clearly spoken words to him were, that he should be ashamed.
    Those who know me, are knowing, I do not speak such statements straight into the faces of others.

    I also had the chance to tell him, never ever he will oppress me again for having done GOOD to an old disorientated lady who called me to come to visit her. He then dared to ask her if I would have asked her ever for money. She clearly said NO ! This was his very last time he could treat me like a bitch. The old lady who is from the same origin like me, was explaining how she hadn’t seen me for more than a year and that she is so happy having seen me once again, and again she pointed out that I never ever asked her for money. So THEN I shocked that “boss” and said very strong and clear for all to hear, that, if he doesn’t stop his badmouthing and evil assumptions, I would go to an attorney and we would meet before a judge. He replied arrogantly that I would not have the money for an attorney…

    I then told this man who’s job is to care for seniors and helpless or sick clients in home care, that it is a shame that he does not really care for his patients. She is a patient who pays nearly 10.000 every month to the company. She called me in her despair and loneliness and pleaded, begged me to come. We live in the same small town. She called at 8 AM, I stood at her door at 9 AM. A former workmate arrived at 10 AM… Some can imagine what she did. Btw, the betrayal from that mate, that I sat there having a cup of coffee together with a former patient, this is how it goes in some care teams. I even brought her the coffee, and fruits and bread. She said when she called, she also needs bread.

    I left that company 14 months ago. I have nothing done wrong. The client today was at least 7 times stuttering to the company boss, that she is a free person !!!!!!! He said, he must tell this her psychiatrist. She pleaded him, not to do so. It was heartbreaking.
    Before I could say, he should be ashamed, I said that I have an insurance for legal protection since 5 years, and fully paid, but I never used it and I am not interested in meeting him in court.

  2. “His enemies I will clothe in shame, but upon himself his CROWN shall shine.” :D
    Thanks beautiful lady!!

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