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Come into the King’s Chambers — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, now is the time. Every single day is a NEW day. We shall not bear the troubles of tomorrow, for we do not know what tomorrow brings. Every day has its own “burden, God`s Word tells us. So let us use every new day we have and make the best of it. As best as we can. GOD watches over our hearts and ways. Where we go, He is already there. And He goes behind us. He is around us. Under us and over is. The Alpha and Omega. I am very thankful for His promises, for His Holy Word, and for every new day.

  2. I hear you Daddy joyfully. I hear you awesome Father, lover of my soul.
    I thank you. I praise you highly. I love you higher than the highest, I’m so blessed, so thankful to you for your abundance of love flowing in my heart, for in you I breathe, you are life to me, we are one, Mighty in the earth, devils tremble before me, because of your presence within me.
    Now is the time of Favor, Salvation, Hallelujah ! I’m coming forth with Silver and Gold, all the Riches, All the Wealth, the Prosperity, in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, for I am a joint heir, all belongs to you is mine. Blessed to be a Blessings. I honor you Greatly. Amen !

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