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Come out of the Caves, Prophets and Apostles! — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, this is such a perfect time to post this as I’m going through the same trial of rejection and isolation. Many people rejected me and didn’t like to hang out with me solely because I’m different. Yes, different in a way that I try to obey too much the bible and people would think it to be odd. I was forced to be alone in some point in my life because I couldn’t find any person who share the kind of passion I have for Jesus and people mock me for being foolish and weird because I don’t follow the popular trends or the latest gimmick like I was treated as an alien. It’s hard because sometimes it breaks my heart when I see people who had friends whom they can share dreams and aspirations with, to have fellowship with while I have none. It’s hurts me to know that I have no human companion to to walk with me with the Lord. There are times I’m forced to eat alone while the worldly people has tons of friends(still reluctant if they are real friends).I’m sorry if the comment is too long because I couldn’t hide it any longer and everyday the longing for fellowship grows stronger. It can be lonely at times although I know Jesus is always with me and he would never leave me but I also need human companionship. There are times that I’m afraid of human contact because of the pain, betrayal, humiliation and tears they brought me. I try to be strong in the Lord, keep holding on Him as much as I could and have forgiven and tried to love those who have caused me this. I know God has great plans for me even If couldn’t see it clearly but I hope I’d be triumphant. Please pray for me, it could help this life of mine.

  2. Thank you, I can identify. But we are still waiting on God to help us ans break us forth with His direction and provision and guidance and His power. Xxx

  3. OK I have been rejected and affected by it and scorned at churches and locked out and had to pray in the parking lot… yes indeed rejection is nothing nice, and the wound’s go deep this may be for me as I a wait on the Lord to give me guidance as to were to go.. As I see what I was told taking place and the judgement that has come to the House of the Lord and the judgement that is come to the land.. no one wanted to hear these things in 2005 and from a no body like me well they just did not like the package.. and my attacks have been great…

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