Complete Release At The End of the Rope


There is a place that is called the END OF THE ROPE.

Many of My people reach it through different means, but the end result will be the same.  In this place there is a yielding to Me and a holding on.  It is a place of hope and promise.

Sometimes you think of it as a place of failure because there is no where else to go, but be encouraged for this is not so.  You desire to find Me there and I will not disappoint you in your search for My direction.  I have called you unto Myself.  Each step of your life has brought you closer to Me.

Circumstances caused you to climb the mountain of faith searching for Me at the top.  You stood upon the summit and felt the strong force of the wind.  Yes, My presence was there, but I could not be seen.

In your search, you prepared a rope with strands of trust, hope and desire.  You fastened the rope to a set of small rocks in the hope of lowering yourself down the side of the mountain, to have a better vantage point in searching out My presence.  The rope isolated you and created a position, which allowed you to swing back and forth.

Through prayer you offered Me your services feeling that the rope provided the greatest level of flexibility and yielding to My Spirit.  I thank you for this generous gift, but allow Me to show you a more excellent way.

LET GO, LET GO of the rope for I would not have you swing in the cycle of repetition and remain stationary.  Now is the time to let go and completely release the rope.  Put your whole trust in a loving and protecting God.  As you release this to Me I shall cause you to fall into a newness of faith and provision in My presence.

My Holy Spirit is watching and waiting.  Do not be afraid, for He will catch you up upon his mighty winged back and lift you up to greater heights than you have ever known.  In His presence there is fullness of joy.  You shall fly and maneuver like an eagle, as I show you your inheritance throughout the nations as My remnant people.


~ Doug Patterson

Doug PattersonDoug Patterson
is a Prophetic Warrior and Seer, often painting the visions given him by the Lord.  Doug ministers under an Apostolic Power Mantle resulting in Breakthrough, Healing and Restoration.  His Ministry, Power Encounters, equips and activates the saints to greater works in the Kingdom of God.  Doug and wife, Linda, are founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre and reside in Canada.

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Complete Release At The End of the Rope — 2 Comments

  1. Glory, These words spoken, is me, where I have been, it is I Father God, one who has held you closely to my heart, inspite of all the trails, the testings, the hardships,
    which I had to endure for your sake, because of who you are, and all which you have brought me through. I give you thanks and praises, for at the appointed timing, the moment, this moment now, I am releasing the Rope. I am letting go as you have spoken it, completely releasing the Rope, for my whole trust is in you, and you alone. I shall fly high above all, as an eagle, I shall soar above all circumstances which held me back. I am coming forth as gold, tried in a refiners fire, to show forth your Glory, in all and everything, in which you have raised me up to be. Thank you, for ministering to me, as I have sought you this day, and everyday in the secret place, you alone are God! You alone are my sheild, my protector, far above anything this world has to offer, for this is my set time of Favor, abundance, supernatural, all in all in which you are, for you have set me
    high above the nations, to be a blessing, and I delight truly in you always my forever King, and Lord of Lords.

  2. Great words, but in my humble opinion, “says The Lord” or “The Lord says” needs to be added at the beginning or the end. He gets all the glory. Amen.