Warning of Terrorist Attack in Kenya

Prophecy Alert:
Impending Terrorist Attack on Kenyan Coastal Town

The LORD has warned once again concerning an attack the enemy is planning against Kenya, an enemy that fight the peace and the sovereignty of this land.

This is also the enemy of Christianity and those who submit to the works of the Cross.

I have seen once again, this enemy descending in a big way and lay siege, this time in the coastal city of Likoni.

In the dreams of the LORD, the dreams of the prophet surely come to pass.  Dreams that revealed the Westgate attacks, dreams and the voice that announced the violence in Mexico’s Topo Chico Prison, and so, those who know this voice well, would know what the LORD has said on various issues in the past, in Kenya and the world over, and even today, the May 27, 2016, as it pertains to this attack.

In last night’s dream, the LORD lifted me up and showed me the land from above, the land of Kenya.  He moved me extensively around the skies, then brought me to a place.

I saw from above, a massive chain of police convoys, the army and red berets.  I saw them in combat helmets.  This looked like a ‘quick response’ unit.

At one point, the LORD embedded me within them, and I heard that it wad a big attack on the land.

The LORD then make me to turn and look behind these military units, and so as I turned I saw civilians also coming to join the armed forces.  It was like they are cheering.  I could see them very well, and I saw them coming closer to the scene as they have left what they were doing.  They were all taken by surprise and so they rushed in, to be eye-witnesses of the ordeal.

I saw a place being cordoned off, cut off from normal activities and the armed forces there had taken positions, armed gun battle positions, to fight the enemy.

I saw military vehicles and they were jumping out of the vehicles and taking positions by the road, surrounding the place that had been attacked.

I also saw the newly acquired Kenyan Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). They were there.  I saw front-line military activities.

I had seen a real and serious attempt by Kenya’s enemies to destabilize this area, and because of that, in this place, people were in deep shock and anger.

I then walked, still within the police units.  I realized this was coastal town, an area on the Kenya Coast.

Then HE, the LORD, talked to me.  He talked to me through His messengers, because I heard the messengers whom He sent to me, talking about this massive attack.  They talked about the situation at this place, and as I talked with them, the Angel of the LORD clarified and said, “Likoni is under siege.”

So you can see from the specifics here, that indeed the hand of the LORD has specifically and accurately pointed to Mombasa, and I heard the messenger, clarifying further to me, I heard Likoni.”

There is something else the messenger also mentioned.  It had to do with militant Islamists attacking.  They said the area, “Has also been bombed.”

Indeed this was very, very scary.  I, the man of God, was very worried and scared and I feared for my life.  The words of the LORD literally shook me.

This was one of the most frightening conversations of the LORD, to warn Kenya, to alert  those Praying and loving Kenya, to forbid the enemy in the spirit, and to turn his sword away from the Land.  Also, to warn also that the security personnel may be alerted and oppose the enemy’s advances.

This Word comes at a time when events are already happening in this nation, which suggest that Kenya is in need of prayers and the same time, to turn to the LORD, the redeemer, HE who upholds Kenya, for the sustenance and all prosperity lavished towards her.

May the LORD Protect and bless the Republic of Kenya.

Likoni map

* Likoni  (in RED) is a division of Mombasa County, Kenya, and is located to the south-west of Mombasa, overlooking Mombasa Island.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The LORD continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.

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