Confusion to the Camp of the Enemy!

I’ve thought about this again and again and I felt it was a prophetic picture of how the enemy’s camp is right now!

Confusion, regrouping like the starlings, trying to get their bearings to figure out which way to go!

I watched some of that women’s group speakers on Inauguration Day, tonight on Democracy Now.  The twisting serpent and the pride all to evident.  But at the same time, I felt God’s compassion and His broken heart for many of the lost souls!

His judgments are his love greatly provoked to bring people back to Him.  He takes no joy in having to bring judgment.


I pray confusion to the camp of the enemy LORD as in Gideon’s time!

Rescue those who are elect, out of the crowds of rebellion we pray LORD!  Bring visitations of angels to those who are called.

And those who are saved and have been paying the price for what You are soon to do!  Let the weak say I am strong in the strength of the LORD!  Pour out Your Spirit, Abba!

Drive out of our homes, cities, counties, and states spirits of perversion, pride and bitterness that have blinded people to their sins!

Only You know what’s in the heart of men, LORD!  We ask for Mercy on those who have mental health issues rooted in violence & abuse.  Pull them out of the darkness Abba!

Pour out Your Most Holy Spirit upon the earth we pray!  Pull witches and warlocks out of covens.  Call to the ones who are elect LORD, and draw them out of the darkness!

Let the earth open and salvation spring forth!  Bring conviction wherever we go!  Infuse us with Your power that people will start coughing out demons because Your presence is with us!

And give us Your compassion for those You want to touch, and show us when the hearts are not turnable!  Use signs and wonders LORD!  Arrest the hearts of men and women, boys and girls as you’ve done in awakenings before – pour out revelation on the lost and hurting souls LORD!

Let eyes open to see the demons around them that they might come to their senses!  For those too sensitive, would You send Your angels of Truth LORD and shake them free of the enemy’s devices.

Break every chain off of our unsaved family members LORD!  Open the eyes of this generation!  Invade the schools!  Grade Schools, Jr. and Sr. High Schools, colleges and universities!  Convict!  Convict!  Convict LORD!

Father, You told me how this awakening would be at a great cost so give us Grace, Wisdom, Strength & your Spirit of Might to be able to endure what’s coming LORD.

Make us Bravehearts!  Take over our hearts and minds Holy Spirit so that only what You want comes out of our mouths to correct, to edify, to admonish, to comfort and to reason and challenge if need be!  Help us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as time moves on.

Increase Your LIGHT in the increasing darkness Abba that the enemy would so scatter in 7 directions!

Show off Your glory that the mouths of mockers and scoffers would be shut!  Shock them into submission LORD as you did in the Upper Room and at Pentecost and thereafter!

Release your end times angels LORD to help and guide us as we go forth!

Destroy every strategy of the enemy to try and stop the forward momentum by Your Holy Spirit LORD!

Thank You for all you did today and all you’re going to do as we go forward into this new hour, in the Name and the Blood of Jesus!
~ Priscilla

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Confusion to the Camp of the Enemy! — 1 Comment

  1. These black birds are extremely regrouping here, too. Since a week it is increasing. They fly nervous and in all directions. Sometimes a big white swarm of birds comes also. The animals know the times we are in. Old farmers knew the times…. Heaven shows more mighty signs, everywhere worldwide. War is around the corner, but also REDEMPTION AND DELIVERANCE !